Top 10 FREE iOS Games of 2021 | Free-to-play iPhone & iPad games -

Top 10 FREE iOS Games of 2021 | Free-to-play iPhone & iPad games

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We rank the best free-to-play mobile games to play on your #iPhone and #iPad. The ranking is based on the #playscore, a rating that combines critic and gamer reviews. You can find the complete list of the top iOS games on our website .

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  1. Did claire or the original what to play member will be back

  2. I played rocket league on PS4 & I gave it a good several hours but in the end I absolutely sucked at it lol, it just wasn't for me

  3. Wow how beautiful is she 😍 with great content = gets my full attention

  4. this is fun vid 🤣🤣 keep it up guys

  5. that sudden "The Claaaawwwwwww" moment @05:17 brings me back to Toy Story movie😍😍😂😂😂

  6. Can you guys like maybe do What to play on Steam Deck?

  7. If it were anyone else saying those words I would call this video cringe as Hell but somehow when she says it sounds quite pleasant and somehow funny.

  8. Love your videos! Thank you! Got a new subscriber!

  9. She asked what’s up then later in video she said roster
    Well that answered the first question

  10. Honestly, this is turning to an ASMR ❤️

  11. Her perfect English makes me uncomfortable….

  12. I haven't spent 100 k for playing such stupid kids game. Apple should add gamesa like gta takken 7 and many games which are really epic top games for ipad is only cod bgmi asphalt 8and 9 and rest all for kids

  13. Worst and dumbest list i have ever seen on face of iOS history 😂

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