Top 10 FREE Low Spec Steam Games (Part 1) -

Top 10 FREE Low Spec Steam Games (Part 1)

Cubold Gaming
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I based all of these games on if they had a minimum spec of 1GB of RAM or less, which means 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB PCs should be able to run these.

Part 2:

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  1. Thanks dude the games you show are actually low end and free unlike some youtubers that reuses the games and the games aren't even for low end

  2. bruh i thought u had a million subs or something, i subscribed, liked and put the notis on cause this was a great video. great job!

  3. can you please do part 2 and btw i really enjoy bloon td battles!!

  4. i really hope that you can get more views. Thanks mate

  5. I will recommend everyone to play minecraft using tlauncher its really a addictive game

  6. my pc is good but all of the "high spec" games i try to download usually require an EA or epic games account to play so this really helped…

  7. What about 8 year old laptop in which was a bad idea to upgrade to windows 10

  8. Extra games Low End free (Some Arent)
    1 Dirty Bomb
    3Tactical Intervention
    4 World Of Tank Blitz
    5 Robo Craft
    6 Far Cry 1
    7 Modern Combat 5
    8 Line Of Sight
    9 War Robot
    10 Crysis 2
    1 Crysis
    2 DiRT 1
    3 A Goo Adventure

  9. i miss project zero deaths it was soo cool

  10. yes, games that will burn my shit pc(lmao great games)

  11. wow, cant believe u have 5k, i thought u have 500 k or smt

  12. Finally, I can play on my apple once again 🙂

  13. i don't think my 13 yo toaster is going to be able to handle any game

  14. It's more than that… originally Champions Online was going to be a marvel mmo but the deal went south… now theres an unwritten rule that remains that parody is ok but your not really allowed to create marvel characters identically because the developers can get in trouble i've seen people get reported over it and i've been schooled on one occasion for creating a spider-man clone that was really good…

    But sadly I had to alter him to make it more original or at least make him have a different name… I was allowed to make a mando clone though which was probably one of my best works…

    Still i'm kinda curious what the Marvel MMO would of looked like as it was created originally as an opposition to DCUO… after the deal went south it became Champions Online and they gave it it's own characters and story and the game has rarely changed ever since…

    I still play it from time to time but mainly because no other hero games I have allow for such deep costume customisation… I miss superhero mmorpg's and I hope one day the genre makes a comeback as there are really that many left and the ones that were supposed to release still havent!

  15. Brawlhalla is smash bros but cooler

  16. ngl i love how u tell us whats wrong in the games. keep up the good work

  17. yay games that can run on my shity laptop that cannot run roblox

  18. This video just shows how terrible my PC is

  19. fun fact: every game is free but you need to find the cracked version 🙂

  20. You need 2gigs of ram to run windows lmao

  21. Thanks man, I tried some of these and they work on my laptop. I wanted to play a superhero mmorpg and this video introduced me to Champions Online which im enjoying

  22. Should've put idleon on here easy to play on low end laptop and countless hours of fun

  23. First of all thank you so very much Cubold Gaming! I found your channel today and the way you introduce the games and everything makes me want to watch every second of your videos you truly re the best helpful gaming channel!

  24. i got all requirements, but still, i couldn't play "Blockade".

  25. Thank U! I Appreciate U Pointing Out Whats Wrong With Them!

  26. i know its freemium kind of but melvor idle is a good one

  27. King of Crabs is the best in my opinion. Hugs from Azores, Portugal. Keep the amazing job.

  28. i need those who has low space

  29. literally most underrated channel… finally some good games my pc can run

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