Top 10 FREE Must Have Nintendo Switch Games! 2022 Guide -

Top 10 FREE Must Have Nintendo Switch Games! 2022 Guide

Anton Retro
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In this video, we take a look at my Top 10 free Nintendo Switch games! These games are my personal must-have recommendations for any switch owner both new and old. If you don’t have many games and want to build your library, this video should help you out. If you do like this video and want to see future content, consider subscribing!

►PAC-MAN 99 –

►Brawlhalla –

►Ninjala –

►Sky: Children of the Light –

►Rocket League –

►Super Kirby Clash –

►Tetris 99 –

►Island Saver –

►Pokémon Quest –


►Pokémon Café ReMix

►Pokémon UNITE

►Jump Rope Challenge


►DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2


0:49 PAC-MAN 99
2:09 Brawlhalla
3:04 Ninjala
4:52 Sky: Children of the Light
6:26 Rocket League
7:53 super Kirby clash
9:47 Tetris 99
11:58 Fortnite
13:24 Island Saver
15:30 Pokémon Unite
16:29 Pokémon Quest
18:01Jump Rope Challenge
18:45 Pokémon Café ReMix
20:52 DELTARUNE Chapter 1&2

Thanks to Danilo Ferreira for timestamps!

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►Deltarune Rude Buster Remix – (Do not own this remix or song)

►Rocket League – Main Menu

►Island Saver – Pause Menu

►PAC-MAN 99 – Main Menu

►Pokémon Quest – Happenstance Island


►Tetris 99 – Gameplay

►Ninjala – Surprise Attack!

►Sky: Children of the Light – Valley of Triumph

►Fortnite – Main Theme

►Tetris 99 Gameplay courtesy of Reecee

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  1. I do not recommend Ninjala. I’ve played since the beta and it’s only gotten worse with each update. The developers intentionally ignore major issues and instead focus their efforts on pay to win mechanics, and the fear of missing out. Since the beginning, and to the current day, this game has been absolutely infested with bugs that don’t look like they’re going anywhere soon. Balancing issues in combat and players having an obvious advantage over each other has also been present, but more so than ever in recent years. This is mainly due to the absurdly poor matchmaking system they use. From what we know, the matchmaking system relies on your status in the battle pass first, your rank second, and your player level last. You can be a new player and be matched with a full team of players with 4000+ hours that will not hold back on you. In addition to this, the wait time and optimization for matchmaking can take up to 10 minutes just to queue up with players in a lobby to start a match. The most glaring issue in recent years is their pay to win system: the gum lab. In the gum lab, you spend points to level up the damage you can do with specific weapons, and your base stats with those weapons as well. You might already see the issue here, you can upgrade certain weapons, but not transfer your upgrades to a different weapon if you feel like trying something different. Once you spend your points, they’re permanently on the weapon path you have chosen. Meaning you would need to spend even more points just to have each weapon be viable in matches. You may not think this is so bad, but it’s to a point where if you don’t upgrade your weapons, you will more than likely lose every encounter you engage in, because other people have leveled up theirs higher than you have. And it’s not just weapons that can be upgraded, it’s things like how long you can stun an opponent, how long you can escape from a stun, energy cooldown rates, and more. If you don’t play their way, you’re probably going to have a bad time. The next major issue is that no one plays ranked. Of course, you can wait for around 20+ minutes and find a match with about 4 people in it, but other than that, you’ll most likely only find matches in the two unranked modes: battle royale and team battle (free matches). This is probably because when ranked was popular years ago, it was still difficult because of the horrible matchmaking, so people just stopped playing it. If you were to get in a ranked match, and even today if you have enough luck to find enough players to start a match, you will be matched against the top players. So where did everyone go? They all went to free matches, or unranked. Team battle is the most popular because you don’t have to worry as much about the chaos that is battle royale, with people getting in your way all the time. You will often find top ranked players in unranked because no one plays ranked. You would think if they wanted a challenge they would at least try to match in ranked, but they don’t. They’re content with taunting after each ko of a new player, making them quit the game, and try something else off the e shop. I’ve seen it more times than I can count. A team of new players vs a team of pros, each new player one by one disconnecting. If you want to try out Ninjala, go ahead. But I highly suggest not doing so, if not for your own sanity. This is a game with some of the most toxic players out of any game you will ever find. Are there any good things about Ninjala? Yes. Surprisingly. Here they are ranked: the best part about Ninjala is not the game, but the anime they made that you can watch weekly on youtube. Next is the fishing minigame they have in the interactive lobby. After that we have the artwork and music. Finally we have not playing the game. I like that last one the best. Here are some extra things you might want to know: random teleporting is a very common bug that has been present in the game since the beta, and has not been fixed. The battle pass has consistently gotten worse each season, adding less and less items worth your time (just consumables you’ll use once, and forget about). The current battle pass, out of 100 possible items, has only 8 unique items in it, meaning about two clothing items, and the rest are user interface cosmetics. The remaining 92 items can be used up and forgotten about in a matter of actual seconds. If you want a game with frequent updates, meaningful balance changes, and fun gameplay, play Pokemon Unite. In Pokemon Unite, you can win and be better than others with skill alone. Also they have frequent events and new modes to try, while Ninjala has a whopping two, with event modes that appear monthly. Unite has far more characters to play as, with each being unique from each other.

  2. Lol super bomberman isn’t even on switch and I mean the free version

  3. i acctually beta tested island saver, back when it was in early development

  4. I really want Nintendo online membership so I can change my profile to cooler ones and I can play Tetris and pac man for up to a year

  5. Antons back! Hope you had a good Christmas. I just picked up the white joycon switch OLED. It’s amazing!

  6. Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. I'm finally back with a new video, this time taking a look at my top 10 must have switch games! Look forward to more videos this year!

  7. Happy New Years! My favorite free game is probably Kirby Clash.

  8. This is such a fantastic list! You rarely see talk about Free games since they're usually seen as less quality but every game here is super cool! lovely vid!

  9. Can you talk to other players on fort night for switch?

  10. It's so weird to see Rocket League is free now. I paid like $20 for it a year or 2 ago.

  11. "There are quite the amount of free games on the switch" there are less than 90 bro

  12. 10- 0:49 pacman 99 (Nintendo switch online)
    9- 2:09 brawlhalla
    8- 3:04 ninjala
    7- 4:52 sky children of the light
    6- 6:26 rocket league
    5- 7:53 super Kirby clash (requires nso to play online)
    4- 9:47 Tetris 99 (nso)
    3- 11:58 Fortnite
    2- 13:24 Island saver

    tier b games
    15:30 Pokémon Unite
    16:29 Pokémon quest
    18:01 jump rope challenge
    18:45 Pokémon cafe remix
    19:40 super Bomberman r online

    the best
    20:52 deltarune chapter 1&2

  13. unfortunately ninjala is not available anymore

  14. Says he’s not too bad at rocket league, plays like a strait bot 😭

  15. IF you only tried rocket league on switch i feel bad for you. The input lag is so bad. Much better on PC! :] it's worth it to jump over there and play instead :p one of my favorite games

  16. What is you don't have Internet… 😛 In a plane for example

  17. Only play online games want Nintendo Online Pack??

  18. Platinum train is a free game on switch. It's in the Japanese eshop

  19. Hey thanks for the games i have a nintendo switch and i have no idea what games should i play so thanks

  20. I have both free and paid games. Brawlhalla, vigor, rogue company, ninjala, fortnite, apex, and spellbreak are all my favorite free games.

  21. Hi I liked your List 👍👍 but I want to ask does this all games work Nintendo Switch Lite Specially Fortnite plz reply 🤗🤗

  22. How come I can't get the yellow guy to move?

  23. this list def threw me off. but ill take a look into a few of these tho. most i already have fo free!

  24. 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕪 𝕄𝕔𝕕𝕠𝕠𝕕𝕝𝕖 says:

    I totally agree with deltarune being number 1 Today i finished and I want to see more content in the future

  25. 4 years and I still can’t play online.
    NAT Type D 🙁

  26. Do I need the Nintendo switch online subscription to play free games online?

  27. I only recommend brawlhalla if u do not have smash and can't get it. If u do have smash there's almost no point in getting it

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