Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong -

Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong

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Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong:

10: S4 LEAGUE (original release: KR 2006)

9: DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE (original release: KR 2005)

8: WIZARD101 (original release: NA 2008)

7: THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE (original release: NA 2007)

6: MAPLESTORY (original release: KR 2003)

5: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE (original release: NA 2006)

4: RAGNAROK ONLINE (original release: KR 2002)

3: MABINOGI (original release: KR 2004)

2: RUNESCAPE (original release: NA 2001)

1: EVERQUEST (original release: NA 1999)

Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong

It’s 2015 and online gaming has been around for quite a while now. We’ve had a lot of fun with hundreds, even thousands of online games but in such a competitive world, only the strong survive and stick with us for a decade or more. While there are plenty of new games being released every month, some players just won’t trade the classics for anything in the world. Which classics, some of you ask? Well, here’s something of a history lesson for those that weren’t into online games several years ago.


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Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore:
Intro: The Easton Ellises ()
BGM: Together We Rule the World – Tomas Skyldeberg

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  1. I love your list guys, keep it up. Almost all of the games mentioned are my favorite ^^

  2. WTF EQ paved the way UO/TIB ring a bell fucking weak stuff here so many older/better games did not make the cut do your god damn homework

  3. Wizard 101 free?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny joke, man. Such a fucking cash grab, aimed at children and their unsuspecting parents. God, it makes me sick.

  4. ragnarok online was my favorite up till now, i cant believe how many years have passed, and there are still a new players coming in every year. which is cool that a game from 2002 still kickin it and i never get bored of it

  5. Played Wizard 101 for like a day or 2 then got a virus….

  6. So many of these MMOs require money to do anything. lol Even Everquest, honestly, I prefer the classic Everquest, with the subscription fee because they didn't shove fucking cash shops down your throat with a spiked club.

  7. So happy to see wizard101 here, sad not to see elsword here though, great games both of them.
    I still play them both to this day!

  8. Mabinogi is hardly thriving; the in-game population is falling like 10% a month, as most people still around have done everything and seen everything a thousand times. Nexon's just trying harder to squeeze more money out of a rapidly shrinking player base, and the increasingly blatant cash grabs are just chasing more people away. I give it two years max before Nexon pulls the plug on the NA servers.

    Unlike most MMOs where it's a 100-meter sprint to endgame where all the fun is, Mabinogi is a marathon and the fun is in the journey—but most of the remaining players are sitting at the finish line waiting for new content to move the goalposts. Those few still actively doing more than sitting around town AFK showing off their gear are in the home stretch. New players don't stick around, either, since at this point they're years behind the curve. Nobody starts a marathon when the bulk of the runners have a 20 mile lead.


  10. s4 league is best example for how pay2win ruins a game :^)

  11. Guys I am looking for an old browser mmo. This is what i remember: The characters were all one colour, in that there would be not much details, just a red person for example. The weapons where also just one colour, like a sword would be all blue and a mace would be all green for example. You started of just outside a castle and when you entered the courtyard you had vendors who sold weapons and armor. You went into the castle and started going down. The further down you got the harder the enemys were. As far as i remember that was the concept of the game. Been looking so long for this, please help me 🙂

  12. Silkroad online guys, silkroad 'cant login' online

  13. I Still Play Lord of the Rings 0nline

  14. NO STARCRAFT DISLIKE if it was not for that game gaming would of been 100milion times worse aka no cutsense no updates for monitors they would have been no MOBAs today so screw you

  15. Ahhhhh s4 such a beautiful name ; now he's full of hack and tones of toxic players such a shame for a beautiful game :/ it's still going but still full of toxic players specially in the EU server

  16. title should be top 10 old school mmorpg games still going strong

  17. S4 League was unique and pretty awesome.

  18. oh this video is old… everquest next was SCRAPED

  19. 2018?
    and happy new year 😀

  20. 2019, S4League is dead sadly :'( </3

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