Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong -

Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong

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Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong:

10: S4 LEAGUE (original release: KR 2006)

9: DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE (original release: KR 2005)

8: WIZARD101 (original release: NA 2008)

7: THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE (original release: NA 2007)

6: MAPLESTORY (original release: KR 2003)

5: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE (original release: NA 2006)

4: RAGNAROK ONLINE (original release: KR 2002)

3: MABINOGI (original release: KR 2004)

2: RUNESCAPE (original release: NA 2001)

1: EVERQUEST (original release: NA 1999)

Top 10 Free Old School Online Games Still Going Strong

It’s 2015 and online gaming has been around for quite a while now. We’ve had a lot of fun with hundreds, even thousands of online games but in such a competitive world, only the strong survive and stick with us for a decade or more. While there are plenty of new games being released every month, some players just won’t trade the classics for anything in the world. Which classics, some of you ask? Well, here’s something of a history lesson for those that weren’t into online games several years ago.


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Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore:
Intro: The Easton Ellises ()
BGM: Together We Rule the World – Tomas Skyldeberg

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  1. I don't even know why, but I was addicted to FlyFF for so long… before that, Endless Online… but they alas, faded into oblivion.

  2. Only game out of these that I've ever played was Mabinogi, still love that game 😛

  3. played everquest since 2000 and when it finally does have its sunset ill probably mature and find a life lol

  4. Runescape end game = troll until you're banned, send troll ass message to Runescape peoples afterwards, if they uban repeat process.

  5. too bad TOS is only a "spiritual successor" in graphics. Gameplay is linear as heck and its pretty much another quest chain.

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. TIBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If you would count paid games, Counter Strike would be up on the 1st i guess

  8. omg i love mabinogi, i played it for about 7years, Definitely was a game i had an enjoyable time playing. It definitely dropped off tho after, ppl spent money to make money in game, so if u didnt u feel behind in cash, and not only that but they made it sooo easy for ppl just starting to catch up with everyone else. So lvl 1000 as ur total became nothing, it was similar to the way the in game cash was going, inflation of lvls and inflation of money…

  9. DUNGEON FIGHTERS IS BACK?!!! HOLY CRAP I"M going back to that!!!

  10. the original soldier front before all the glitch fixes was glorious

  11. No way they got dfo back!! I max out every character and different classes each character could get I clocked 578 hours on it

  12. OMG I screamed when I saw S4 League. Represent! The game's style is what kept it alive, and the only mmo I payed for years.

  13. booooo Dark Age of Camelot wasn't on list.

  14. Ah, Runescape. I remember playing it about 10 years ago and "finishing" it as it were as a free player. Finished all the free quests, got a full set of the best armor a free player could craft and wear, and even a better weapon than any free player could make, that I lucked out and found on a corpse.The only thing left was PvP, and the only area at the time with 'safe' PvP where you wouldn't lose everything on you when you died was filled with maxxed out, or premium players. I had high lvl 60-low 70's in defense and melee, though only lvl 30's in ranged and magic, and had absolutely no chance against lvl99 everything, uber armored and armed players.

  15. omfg, i play EQ with my dad and he's been playing since it first came out before kunark was even released

  16. Ragnarok Online…Christ the memories. My very first MMO. Way back in '04.
    Smiles wistfully

  17. any games like GC that you guys know? besides elsword

  18. wizarrds 101 also locks most of its content for free players. most areas are behind pay walls.

  19. lotro maybe old school but it still way more fun than our generic babay mmos nowadays

  20. Runescape classic isn't worth mentioning (membership locked, and only available for people who have already played it).
    Runescape now isn't even worth mentioning, the combat revamp murdered the game. Skillbars aren't new, they just added an entirely unwelcome avenue of combat to the game, that painstakingly/lazily copies dozens of already existing games.
    It was only worth playing pre-combat update, post-classic.

    The combat in the game was equipment/skill level based, and was great at what it was. If you really wanted to tryhard, you'd be swapping armors, and weapon types, as fast as your opponent would be swapping armor/weapon types, while juggiling prayers, and making use of obstacles when useful.
    Now armor and weapon mixing carrys steep penalties, and you'll be spending your time spamming skills in proper orders. NOT fun, we already had dozens of skillspammy-combat-based games, what in the hell were you thinking jagex?

  21. Dude really needs to work on his reading. He stops several times in each sentence like he's gotten to the end of a line of script and thought it was the end of the sentence. I've noticed it in all the videos he voices.

  22. Tree of Savior, I was SO looking forward to it but then read an article on reddit about how much it is pay to win. Just google Tree of savior pay to win, and you'll see it. I asked for a refund.

  23. Mabinogi is great… I only wish it was made by someone other than nexon.

  24. oh Ranarok Online…was part of my childhood…countless hours spent…almost caused me getting kicked from high school from cutting classes to play with my Agi/Crit Knight…and counter attacking Abyssal Knights was considered epic back then…I hope it's spiritual sucessor Tree of Savior will do it justice and not turn into some money grubbing game…

  25. i stop playing wizard 101 for a long time ago .. i start playing that game at 12 years old .. now i 18 .. miss that game 🙁

  26. I remember Ragnarok online was 13 i think was pretty amazing since ive never seen anything like it and was just ps2 only. and S4 league about about 4,5 years ago remember trying to get into pc gameing but with a pentium 4 think a gb or 2 of ram and 512 or 256 gb of video memeory and knowing nothing about pc or its games at the time i only discovered S4 league and well ragnarok to.

  27. According to Gamasutra, FlyFF still has about 60 mil registered user worldwide, 11 years later, and they still release expansions and stuff. I didn't play it a lot myself, but since 2007 I still go back once in a while.

  28. I saw Female Fighter on DFO and I screamed.

  29. Sushi Drew It Graffiti Art Calligraphy says:

    no one ever mentions ultima online.

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