Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 | Skylent Shore Editor's Choice -

Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 | Skylent Shore Editor’s Choice

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Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 | Skylent Shore Editor’s Choice:

10: Duelyst

9: Clash of Clans

8: Robocraft

7: Trove

6: Skyforge

5: Dungeon Defenders 2

4: Team Fortress 2

3: League of Legends


1: Dota 2

Other suggestions:

Heroes of the Storm

Rising Thunder

As everyone knows, tops usually are made based on personal taste and reaching a consensus is most of the time a very difficult thing. So now we’ve asked our video editor Skylent Shore to tell you which are his 10 favorite games right now, no matter the genre or development year.

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Video Editing: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work and Script: Skylent Shore:
Intro: The Easton Ellises ()

BGM: Together We Rule the World – Tomas Skyldeberg

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  1. league of legends and dota 2 sucks and all other types of this games gets the popcorn

  2. Warframe?…gotta spread that DE love.

  3. What is the game at the end in the "DONT MISS FREE MMOSTATION'S GREAT WEB SHOWS" in the left screen?

  4. TF2 was nice blabla, but seriously? Does it need to be in all the lists all the time?

  5. Two questions… Do you own/play any pay to play games?

    Also, why doesn't Heroes of the Storm make it to your list of moba's?

  6. Someone really hates LoL ,, i can tell that , not just by this vid , many previous others , the references and etc. , heck , you even put that game below (maybe) soon to be "tribed" (you know what i mean) game …… my guess is that you didn't even want to put LoL in the list …. you had to cause .. reasons ..

     but of course , the title of the video says it all …….. "Skylent Shore Editor's Choice" – its your choice ….. doesn't have to be the real deal , but your choice … heck who knows , maybe scarlet blade with unsealed mod is your true number 1  ……….. >_>

  7. I had big hopes for Skyforge but I can't really enjoy it. I got only to like 800 prestige but IMO monsters have way too much hp and way too low damage.

    12 minutes to solo a quest map, 30 minutes to finish it in party. Not sure if i like the difficulty scaling, lol.
    It reminds me of Warframe too.

  8. MOBA MOBA MOBA LOL AND a bunch of kiddy games lol

  9. Tried a bit of League, Smite, Dota and Heroes. I gotta say that I like that you mention the perks each one has.

    League – is the CoD of the MOBA Genre with the many skill shots and fight orientated gameplay (that initiation in video was pretty cool)

    Smite – 3rd person view. Varied welcomed modes. These really appeal to the more active friends I have. We have a great time as it is controller friendly. My only irk is that you can't really "peek" at other places since you are stuck on what your guy sees.

    Dota 2 – The true free to play done right. Having done the League grind maxing out over 2-3k games I walked into Dota with a deep appreciation for what they do as a MOBA. Much more strategy based, the shop list is intensive and integral to the game, the in game voice chat, and most importantly all characters are free. Meaning whether you are new or old you have access to anything in game. Even playing field. In the end that's what won me over and I have a great time playing it.

  10. Interesting list.

    I currently jump in and out of Skyforge, but find it hard to really dig into the prestige grind. It doesn't help that it lacks any real story, and the combat feels a little floaty compared to other instanced based games like Dragon Nest.

    For mobas I pretty much exclusively play Heroes of the Storm. I played Dota for a time, but didn't like the fact that a single player could basically carry an entire team. You can tell fairly quickly whether a match will be one sided or not. Heroes is far more balanced in this area.

    I definitely look forward to some up coming free to play games in 2016. I'm curious to see how much this list will change within that time.

  11. And the first 3 are what you'd expect. I don't know why I'm always scouring the internet looking for a new title to play when I already know there's nothing new and special out. When's the next powerhouse going to come out? Was hyped for BDO but after watching tons of gameplay videos over the year…meh.

  12. I can't really find myself playing any of these other than Trove. Some are also not even good until you pay such as Dungeon Defender 2 (which has you pay right off the bat), Team Fortress 2, and pretty much any moba. Speaking of which, moba's should not he considered as games, primarily because their communities are so acidic towards new players that it just makes the game no fun. Payday 2 for example, people kick you out of lobbies for being lower level, people often insult you for making the smallest mistake, and other things along that line. Dota 2, LoL, Smite have those as well, but the difference with Payday is that you can play solo and still have fun. You can't do that in a moba. There is no fun to getting yelled at by little kids who want to do a flawless round and go pro or whatever. Even in the comments people rage about this shit, this isn't NFL. "LoL > Dota" "Dota kicks Lol's ass." Fuck off with your bullshit, some people want to have a good time playing games, not turn anything that takes the slightest bit of effort to play into an international "E-sport". "Oh, I don't need a job, all I need is at least 1 braincell, a computer, and a moba to make my earnings. Hey, this guy isn't doing as good as me 'hfnsbsghfjfnsb get rekt fhshsjhfgkkdkahc f00kin scrub bdnxbxnairglhdjcb.' that'll show em." Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit moba's. Its all your faults for making it oversaturated, now everyone and everything associated with a moba is acidic and decays into another moba fanboy arguing for the same exact thing.

  13. Yo im happy for you and i really like this list. But Dreadnaught will be the best free-to-play game of all time!

  14. Cant believe Warframe didn't make the list

  15. I would love to see a similar list for MMORPG's. My main reason is because I'm still struggling to find one that I can really get into. I have my own taste in shooters and such, and hate Moba's with a passion in general. So from this particular video I didn't really find anything that's really interesting me except for Skyforge, but I don't know if I'm going to play that.
    I don't look for any instanced-based mmos because I already have my favorite, Dungeon Fighter Online. Which is back!

  16. I THINK Dota2 is more complicated than lol so people will play lol more

  17. When u update your PC's guys pls try to update your games .. Dota 2 .. WT.F is this list here 10 years old ???

  18. um, dungeon defenders 2 is not free…

  19. SMite is still really bad about being forced to play a character as AD/Magic damage and that is where LoL shines.

  20. league of legends has alot of skill shots unless u main Katharina

  21. clash of clans? A mobile "freetoplay" that requires you to spend money to even compete or your starting out and getting raided by people with blimps and mages. Fuck you sir for this mention. Not picking dota over lol like every one else is bitching about. your a hack. Sell out.

  22. i honestly thought league of legends would place higher than smite, although i'm a smite player.

  23. And now you know not to make videos like this ever again, because all you get is people bitching that you like a game they don't XD. Still enjoyed it though. Completely forgot about Duelyst.

  24. Quick question Am I wrong or can you not win at mobas with a pug team?? I thought about getting into lol or dota maybe even smite but I don't wanna get into it if I can't get far without getting into a pre build team. Or something…

  25. How can you make a top 10 free MMO list with a game you explicitly have to pay for? Dungeon Defenders 2 ISN'T free, and you even state that it isn't!

  26. dont touch heroes of newerth, that is my world m/

  27. As soon i saw Clash of Clans, i was like ''urgh''

  28. DOTA 2 is number one. Yes it is as it should be

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