Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 | Trilient Editor's Choice -

Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 | Trilient Editor’s Choice

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Top 10 Free Online Games 2015 | Trilient Editor’s Choice:

10: Treasure Arena

9: Rise of Incarnates

8: Victory Command

7: Skyforge

6: World of Warships

5: Warframe

4: Heroes of the Storm

3: Guild Wars 2

2: Trove

1: Brawlallha

2015 so far has been a pretty good year for the MMO market. Plenty of new games are coming out, some of which weren’t quite as good as others. Here’s my top 10 list of games I have enjoyed this year so far. These games are based on how much I personally enjoyed them; some games may rank higher on your own list… But this is my list, and we’re gonna do it my way! This is… Trilient’s Top 10 Free to Play games of 2015!

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Video Editing: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
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BGM: Together We Rule the World – Tomas Skyldeberg

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  1. dang it just how many games r u playing XD
    just 1 mmo is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy enuf 4 me n u got 10 lol
    trove is very fun btw

  2. Hmmm… what's the game in the very opening scene? Is that GW2? Trying to place it. Thanks!

  3. Warframe is a grind fest, why would I play it?

  4. Have you checked altitude yet? I believe it's a great game while being f2p on steam

  5. Anyone else tried to see the similarities between a bird to a ham and spaghetti sandwich?

  6. I must agree on Guild Wars 2, i also bought the game but i don't feel cheated when it went free, recently i get back to the game and i must admit that i forgot how fun it was, just simply running around and doing my own stuff levels my character, no quest lines no restrictions.

  7. +1 for Brawlhalla and Heroes of the Storm <3

  8. If you haven't played brawlhalla yet I would HIGHLY recommend it!

  9. I play Warframe and Skyforge daily. Both are really great games!

  10. GW2 still best MMO. The low skills amount takes time though, but the rest is so great.
    Now that it's free? No more excuses not to play it.

  11. Brawlhalla is pretty much the greatest game ever. If you havent gotten it yet, you are doing something wrong

  12. So if I actually bought guild wars 2 before it went free to play do I keep like purchased status?

  13. Hate that GW2 is now free. Paid $50 for that shit Q_Q

  14. Sees no smite, hm… Maybe it's not his type of game. Sees warframe a repetitive grindfest…. What…?

  15. Wow Warframe looks sick, definitely going to try this game out

  16. why put a game on your "top" list then just talk shit about it?

  17. it's my top 10 too thanks man but i will like HoN as top moba 🙂

  18. Lol, needing a healer in skyforge, thought there were no healers in that game?

  19. Trove statement is so true L, Hate people who try to compare Trove to Minecraft. Just like back when people compared runescape to wow..

  20. in my book all these are like mine exept the last two games

  21. what was the game in the first seconds with the guy with a longsword ?

  22. I need online game
    u can dodge like pso2
    not fake dodge like other game

  23. brawlhalla, finally a game where i can buttonmash and have fun even if i lose 🙂
    unless i lost to a teros spamming charges with the axe xD
    also thanks for introducing me to rise of incarnates 🙂

  24. Your jokes are cringeworthy… jesus christ please stop with the shitty jokes i mean come on.

  25. what game is that in the beggining of the video?

  26. I been wondering what is the guitar track they play between games I want hear the full soundtrack

  27. Most of these games a'rent even ONLINE BECUASE THEY ARE THINGS YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD! Stop using things like "Free" or "Online" to scam people into watching your video about download only games.

  28. you play free version from guild wars 2?… guild wars 2 is not free to play, is a free trial.

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