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Top 10 Free Online Games With Impressive Art Style |

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Top 10 Free Online Games With Impressive Art Style:











Top 10 Free Online Games With Impressive Art Style

When you look at some trailers, you instantly identify the games in question, right? Most of this is due to the art style, which can totally make the difference and save a game from drowning in a sea of clones. In this top 10 we praise those games, the ones where the art isn’t merely a second thought, where the looks are a very important part of the game.

We’re not praising high graphical quality here; no, we’re going for the clever touches, the style that makes a game stand out. Soul Worker or Closers Online look awesome and full of style, but they’re pretty much just perfect representations of anime graphics. They’re stunning, sure, but they’re not as imaginative or original as some of the artwork created for the games below.


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  1. Maplestory isn't that unique. It looks and plays a lot like Spiral Knights.

  2. When does Tree of Savior come out in EU? And has MapleStory 2 been confirmed for EU yet? I'm going to be honest, not that hyped for it, but I played Maplestory 1 so much, so I want to feel a little nostalgia ^^

  3. Will Peria chronicles get an EU release and if so when?

  4. To be honest with you I think the creatures in Peria Chronicles has an art design that looks totally similar to Digimon creatures more than Pokémon if you looked into it deeply , otherwise the collectable ability in this game is indeed has a Pokemon vibe .

  5. Gigantic is such a waste of amazing art 🙁 It would have been so much better as a single player story driven adventure, but no, they had to waste that artstyle on a shitty competitive moba style game and god knows there's no genre I hate more than mobas

  6. Duelyst is so so so so cool

    But so so so so unbalanced

  7. Hi i actually started playing "Dragomon Hunter/Dragon Slayer Online" and i want to know if you guys know about the 2 new classes and when will be released at the NA servers :S

  8. Could you guys please make a top 10 on non-p2w mmos?

  9. blade and soul Closed beta test livestream pls!!!!!! <3

  10. i won't agree on number 2, i can't recognize peria chronicles without the anime girl blonde that appears in all videos.

  11. Wanted to try Peria but still in development :L

  12. Good job 🙂 and thanks. Can you make a Top 10 on Video games with most contents. I can predict Age of Wushu is by far the top ^^.

  13. The artstyle is pretty important for a game you'll play for hundreds of hours, i hope we get Peria Chronicles and Maple Story 2 soon.

  14. As far as I enjoy watching the video
    The moment I see which is No. 1 I just stop watching

  15. blade and soul is such an awesome game. love the combat. pvp is really intense.

  16. Blade and soul just replaced Tera and I personally disagree with this. And before you say anything this is just my own opinion.

  17. Warframe FTW >.< Just look at dat Nekros,Chroma,Excalibur(Proto-Armor),Mesa, and this upcoming new frame, Ivara. Its such a visual pleasure to see them.

  18. i hate how Warframe forces you to play with people. you can play by yourself but you have to google how to do it because the game fails to tell you how to do it.

  19. If this is the top 10 I sure hope I never see the bottom 10.

  20. I really want to play Tera. But is it possible to play in Asia , India ? Please tell me. I don't want to waste my download on it if it's not gonna let me join the server.

  21. just a little constructive criticism on the way the video was presented. Try to make your sentences flow without so many unnecessary and awkward pauses in them. It would improve your presentation 10 fold.

  22. Damn, its nearly been ten years since TF2's mistake? I feel OLD.

  23. I dont agree with all the games especially number 2. It looks like your generic anime game. But gigantic looks really awesome, Im looking forward to it! I also think League of Legend should have make it onto the list. After riot reworked so many champions and the map , the new champions have a very distinctive art style that looks fantastic. Pretty much everything Riot has done from an art style standpoint has been top notch in the last 1 or 2 years. Tahm kench, Ekko, Bard, Gangplank, Poppy all look fantastic.

  24. imo peria chronicles should be number 1

  25. 1:321:45 where i can get that sound ? that awesome … i can use for my ringtone !!!

  26. great idea for a game comparison. art style is very important to me


  28. Dear Santa, this Christmas, I want Peria Chronicles to be announced for a western release. Thanks Big Guy

  29. that warframe intro was sick with the music background

  30. Team Fortress? Really?! I can't believe you put this game on first place after all the games before. I think that the art of this game it's just a generic and ugly cartoon. It's exactly like say that The Fairly OddParents it's better than anime.

  31. team fortress 2 number 1 impressive art style u kiddin ?

  32. "With Impressive Art Style" I laughed so hard to this one. All these games are half naked loli-hentai girls which makes nerds cock harder than a diamond.

  33. blade and soul starts at 19-01-2016 So only 14 more days 😀

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