Top 10 Free Online Shooter Games 2013 | -

Top 10 Free Online Shooter Games 2013 |

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Top 10 Free Online Shooter Games 2013:

10: War Thunder

9: Hawken

8: Tribes Ascend

7: Warface

6: Warframe

5: Ghost Recon Online

4: Firefall

3: Blacklight Retribution

2: Team Fortress 2

1: Planetside 2

Once again we decided to pick our favorite free to play online shooters and give you our opinion on what is hot and what’s not. You know how this goes — it’s a countdown of the best 10 shooters, third person and first person, based solely on our personal taste.

Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Matt aka Siiniister
Music: The Easton Ellises ( )

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  1. why when i update the "MWO" almost in 11903 its going to error… :'(

  2. yay i love it when you guys do top 10

  3. Was going to leave it at that but the I kept replaying the War Thunder take out and ended up laughing my ass off.

  4. I love the top 10 lists, please keep it up. if i have request can i msg you?

  5. oh i would love to see an updated version of the top 10 anticipated mmorpgs 🙂

  6. glade to see firefall. but really no APB? that game is one of its kind.. and ppl always go back to it

  7. hey FreeMMOStation, how about a top 10 free low-spec mmorpg for hardcore mmorpg fans such as myself but are unfortunate to have a low end computer?

  8. i wonder how many of these will be on next gen

  9. i deleted tf2 because of how much space it took up and about my last comment i already know tf2 is on console

  10. To be honest i'm surprised A.V.A or APB did not make the list both just had some good updates

  11. yea i've been playing since real time worlds had it back in 2010 even though i've lost a few of my accounts and i've gone back to it plenty of times

  12. Wish I could play these games with my old PC =w=

  13. A.V.A had some good updates?,i quit it when the new updates came out and it became full of hackers and pay to win,is it good again?

  14. What about Tactical Intervention .Its really fun
    and has some grate ideas like cars rolling while on fire grappling etc .
    I will be even cooler in future .

  15. wtf apb or ava are alot better than this shit !!

  16. I guess these are the shiniest of all the turds.

  17. guys can you do an upcoming free to play shooting games for 2014-15 it will really help me find out!

  18. Ghost Recon is updated to ghost recon phantoms and the whole game has changed greatly so make sure to review that in your next vid

  19. Team fortress 2? But no battlefield? really?

  20. Are does games for android to be downloaded from store?

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