Top 10 Free Open World Games on Steam -

Top 10 Free Open World Games on Steam

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Here are some really great FREE open world games that you can get on steam! Most of these are also multiplayer!

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  1. Thank you i serached a lot conquerors blade and finely found the name again😅

  2. Incase you didn't know Unturned was originally a Roblox game

  3. half of this game are extremely limited and need a monthly fee to access to complete game

  4. i played conqueror's blade it was the best for me but not the best for my low spec pc hahaha

  5. Why can’t anyone make a good top 10 free games list

  6. Thanks men like im speechless your a life saver

  7. Please try planetside2. It's the best FREE2PLAY open world game. In my opinion

  8. DEFIANCE IS NO LONGER PLAYABLE! I was just introduced to the series on Amazon Prime Video, waited all that time for the game to download, THEN THEY PUT UP A NOTICE THAT GAME IS NO LONGER RUNNING AS OF 29th. Why couldnt they just get rid of the Multiplayer and keep it as a single player game. I NEVER once played with another human in this game, AND I LOVED IT! And you took it away! I now dont even want to watch the bloody series i'm so PISSED OFF! Phuck you DEFIANCE devs, I hope you all drown in rotten runny poo.

  9. i like the 1 no too much cuz i was bored with that dumb graphics i hvae do some useless crazy stuff in my world .

  10. Conqueror's blade the best one for free and online. Remember so much of Mount and Blade.

  11. i tried conqueror's blade but everything was in chinese and i didnt know how to change to language

  12. i cant find defiance on steam can someone send me link to it if someone found it?

  13. i already hear ALBION ONLINE IS A FREE MMORPG

  14. Trove is so much fun! Thanks for the game recommendations 😀

  15. someone finally put realm of the mad god on a list.

  16. Totally reliable service isn't a free game tho

  17. Imagine creating a list of best free open world games not including destiny 2 and havning on top of the list a minecraft copy

  18. On console TROVE i have 2 30k+ classes with over 400 mastery and idk when i get my pc if i should restart TROVE

  19. I like how people don't put minecraft but put games similar to it

  20. who else has a garbage 2005 work laptop that can't run anything fun

  21. So i downloaded conquerors blade because of this video, the frame rate is low because i only have ryzen5 3400g (the gpu is vega 11 2gb) but i still enjoyed it, im always in last place because sometimes my pc would crash and im ok with that as long as im having fun 😁alone

  22. All my friends keep telling me to play more games cuz I built the customize and gaming PC just so I can play Minecraft LMAO

  23. I was very surprised to see creativerse since im a very old player, i consider myself as a veteran since i got when it was in its very early stages of beta and free xd also fun fact back then your character was actually a kid but afterwards they changed it to teenagers and now i think they are young-adults

  24. I played realm of the mad God on kongregate or whatever it was called back in 2012. Missed it so much. Downloaded it a bit ago thinking it was always on steam

  25. Thank You! you have cured my addiction to tf2 and now moving on to other games.

  26. You have played defiance too it was soooooo good I’m sad that it was removed 🙁

  27. You have played defiance too it was soooooo good I’m sad that it was removed 🙁

  28. "night time is actually a threat." have you been playing on peaceful mode

  29. unfortunatley defiance is being closed soon.

  30. Tysm I’ve been trying to find games like these for hours

  31. quality is not my 100% thing im looking forr i just want a good story

  32. can anyone tell me why is "totaly reliable delivery service" not free on steam

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