Top 10 Free Open World Games on Steam -

Top 10 Free Open World Games on Steam

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Here are some really great FREE open world games that you can get on steam! Most of these are also multiplayer!

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  1. i would never guess you dont like minecraft or minecraft like games lol

  2. Definse is like halo call of duty and the running animation is like gears of war which I like all of those games so I might get it for my PC

  3. Unturned used to be a Roblox game in case you were wondering.

  4. Same im not a big fan of minecraft. Only roblox.

  5. Great video man I appreciate watching it

  6. if raid shadow legends looked and played like their ads, id totally play.

  7. I believe the first game "undefeated" is still being made and that's just a demo.

  8. Solid video! Just got my first pc and im looking forward to playing some games!

  9. I recommend Genshin Impact, if you're okay with the Gacha system. Even then, you don't have to use it

  10. manz really dissed minecraft like that smh

  11. #10 reminds me a great deal of City of Heroes.

  12. He don´t like Minecraft but Creativerse? what kind of world do i live in?

  13. Why do you always run away and never fight really pointless showing the clips

  14. i typed for the games excited and eager, only to find out that steam just doesn't know what am talking about!!!!

  15. this help me, cuz some games can feel limited and i dont like that, thanks!

  16. criativerse is realy not a free game… you need buy the fucking DLCs!!!

  17. danke dass es leute wie dich gibt die sich die mühe machen

  18. when i heard his voice when i started the video i thought his voice was a robot

  19. yo i need like a chill game to play on controller while laying on my bed, because most of my games are sweaty kbms, what do you recommend? anyways, great video

  20. YES! Finally some fun games so i won't get bored in my useless, miserable life.

  21. can you make a video of free games on steam for macOS mini pls i will be so greatful

  22. Thanks for showing me these!!!! I'll be sure to definitely play a few of these! Sub

  23. I feel that EVE online should be on this list

  24. creativerse is not free you have 20 free hours after that you must pay.

  25. i think ill try out unturned i wanted to play rust but atm i have no money

  26. lol unturned was originally a Roblox game but then left roblox and became its own thing

  27. #1: Modded Minecraft

    But seriously though, it just looks like Minecraft with a texture pack and a bunch of mods like gravity gun xD. Will still try it though.

  28. Notice how every ranking list I've watched from 1-10 I've actually been interested in everything. This guy is 4real

  29. There also a game called albion online it's an free to play open world mmorpg and it's really good I would say I think it could have been in this list of games

  30. Me sees games: :O looks at storage: 600gig left me: saves vid

  31. You need to get better choice of free games. These suck.

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