Top 10 Free PS5 Games -

Top 10 Free PS5 Games

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From dynamic looter-shooters to perilous platformers, theses are the best games you can get on PS5 totally free. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite!

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  1. Those hotel chocolates have now been replaced by sanitizer 😥

  2. Breaking your own rules by including warzone because its still a ps4 game??? All of them except 1 are still ps4 games!! Lmao

  3. I downloaded all the free games & was like don't even have time to call all my toxic friends anymore xD

  4. Does physical edition also have storage to download those free games?Sorry im new to console and ps5 will be my first So im trying to figure out which one to buy

  5. Anyone else playing "Enlisted"? Pretty fun..

  6. Run the Jewels instrumental in this vid was a nice surprise

  7. I play Genshin Inpact on my phone and was already amazed by its beauty , and the size of this world.

  8. Sorry but this is the worst free games list u said PS5 games I wanna try some new games with the ps5 controller abilities not a ps4 game for free

  9. PS5 is ok but Xbox is far more consumer friendly and has a more powerful console

  10. Please, we would like to see Blade And Soul as a free-to-play game for PS5, best regards.

  11. Apex Legends is not available on PS5 ? 🤔. If available its not on top 10 🤦🏻.

  12. Idk why i excpected something new, idk, anyway i recommend splitgate

  13. That anonymous dude that knows everything says:

    Is astro playroom for vr only?

  14. Once upon a time I downloaded genshin, because it's free to play, but nobody told me it's pay to win game.

  15. I only have 2 friends on my play station.. y’all wanna add me Nd play with me? 😐

  16. Some of this is free on Xbox too so why pay so much for a PS5 when u can get one of the new Xbox series s/x and the Xbox is faster

  17. Who else is here excited that they are gonna get a ps5 and finding free to play games bcs they are also broke?

  18. I would play destiny 2 but it’s so much space so it’s not worth it

  19. U forgot god of war uncharted days gone hit man

  20. My little brother has a Nintendo switch and I'm getting a ps5

  21. Is this in the digital version or the normal one ?

  22. Any twisted metal fans or carmaggedon fans should check out cross out I've been enjoying it on ps5 looks amazing

  23. Just gave you a shout out on linkedin – loved the video have a ps5 and yes like many people good to hear about anything FREE – well almost anything.. Cool Video

  24. Mehh, not impressed , Astro bot was okay but most of these dont interest me at all

  25. Will I just download them and play without the disk??

  26. im still wondering if i should get a ps5 whenever the slim / pro versions are out

  27. Amazing gameplay and even better sense of humor😂🤣🤣

  28. Hey if you download a game like apex or Fortnite on PS5 do you keep all your stuff from your PS4 account

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