Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015 | -

Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015 |

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Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015

10: Panzar

9: Dizzel

8: Transformers Universe

7: Zombies Monsters Robots (Hazard Ops)

6: Nosgoth

5: Rise of Incarnates

4: Loadout

3: Orcs Must Die! Unchained

2: Ghost Recon Phantoms


Even though we’re going through a seemingly endless MOBA overload, competition isn’t limited to this genre – we just love our third-person action games and even more shooting the hell out of our human enemies. You won’t see any first-person shooters in this list, only third-person games and please note that we’re focusing quite a bit on the newest games, some of them still undergoing development, so that’s why you won’t be seeing S4 League here, for example.

But rest assured that we’ve already played all of them and know what we’re talking about! Let’s begin with our countdown for the Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015!


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  1. smite is for nerd hipsters and WTF orcs must die? are you kidding me?

  2.  love smite my name of the smite is gaelcostacruz

  3. ughhh!!!! gunz? not the shitty second one the first one

  4. Does anyone know of any of these games work on Mac?

  5. Orcs must die isnt free u need key or something… i couldn't get the key … Someone help

  6. Do not waste your time downloading ghost recon phantoms unless you want to get spawn raped every game.

    literally every game i have joined has led to my whole team just sitting in the spawn getting killed. There is no alternative spawns and usually only 1 exit in the spawn. They can literally just sit in the spawn and kill you. They can even get behind the spawn and camp. Seriously what a shit game

  7. 3rd person? Competitive?! Sorry but camping behind corners with third person doesnt make game very "competitive".

  8. Haven't watched it all yes but I find it interesting that you mentioned S4 League since I play it.

  9. After you all say Smite is a copy of League of Legends, if you read Smite description it sais that Smite is based on Dota, so if you can shut up and stop saying that bullshit, i will be so thankful

  10. RIP Transformers: Universe

    Probably the best out of this list.

  11. No need to mention s4 league, it's a piece of shit now.

  12. Im looking for a new one i think its new, i saw a trailer of it, it looks alot like smite i dont have any specifics besides saying it looks graphic and looks like smite kinda?

  13. I can't find another third person shooter can replace Hazard ops for years.

  14. You said Loudout would make me laugh, that flash certainly did.
    "Loss of body parts" Shoot that nut off.

  15. Sadly Ghost Recon Phantoms Closes 1.12.16 ;(( and i Play it scince closed beta ! And im top 500

  16. What about neverwinter,one of best combat systems

  17. nosgoth is no longer playabel its shoot down

  18. if loadout wasn't so dead it would have been a great game fucking people left for the PS4 version

  19. Smite its really nice, but its focus a lot on items and boring rpg theory, i just want a game focused on gameplay hability (like Rakion), I should try orcs must die unchained?

  20. Smite sucks i cant stop play IT But The matchmaking is aids

  21. Paragon father to all, but shuts down -.-

  22. u need to do an to do and 2018 and 2019 * — *

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