Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015 | -

Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015 |

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Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015

10: Panzar

9: Dizzel

8: Transformers Universe

7: Zombies Monsters Robots (Hazard Ops)

6: Nosgoth

5: Rise of Incarnates

4: Loadout

3: Orcs Must Die! Unchained

2: Ghost Recon Phantoms


Even though we’re going through a seemingly endless MOBA overload, competition isn’t limited to this genre – we just love our third-person action games and even more shooting the hell out of our human enemies. You won’t see any first-person shooters in this list, only third-person games and please note that we’re focusing quite a bit on the newest games, some of them still undergoing development, so that’s why you won’t be seeing S4 League here, for example.

But rest assured that we’ve already played all of them and know what we’re talking about! Let’s begin with our countdown for the Top 10 Free Third-Person Competitive Online Games 2014~2015!


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  1. top 10 free third person coop please!!!

  2. Pula 2 is the best third-person online game !

  3. Again showing some pretty fucking shitty games

  4. Maybe Continent of the Ninth? The pvp requires some skill though….

  5. Haha I'm so dumb you had it on the list rofl haha

  6. Hazard Ops = Mercenary Online 

    not sure if it's a new game or a rename
    it looks the same the mechanics the same 
    the graphics the same the gameplay 
    and the UI also those things that pops out when you die or get points.

    Not sure if this game is new… or if it's just a rename or copy 

  7. Agree with Smite and Ghost Recon Phantoms being the top listed games.
    Haven't played Orcs Must Die yet, but I might play it
    and I think Transformers is shit

  8. this guy's voice is cracktastic, i mean, damn bro lol

  9. Rise of incarnates reminds me of brawl busters

  10. Half these games aren't even played competitively or out

  11. ghost recon phantoms has a big problem "lazy snipers" that problem ruins the game.


  13. Hi rez lied, smite's not the first moba to use third person perspective.

  14. for me number 1 is still anarchy online and soon they will have their new engine up and going

  15. ghost recon is really awesome, best third person shooter game ive played in some time. Only downside is the matchmaking which can take up to like 15 minutes and its reliance on microtransactions, there are some people that can pay and get a lot better gear/weapons than you which does give you an edge. 

  16. rise of incarnates looks really good but unfortunately you have to have a 64 bit system and mine is 32 bit 🙁 

  17. I was done at the transformers, I mean transformers? seriously!?

  18. smite was the only one on this list i played and would like to try the others Thanks!

  19. I play Dota 2, Eldevin, and if path of exile counts

  20. I hate when you guys put games in develpoment (always)

  21. Vindictus!!!!



  22. My favorite TPSMMORPG is the Call of duty franchise, the way you can level up your gear and unlock different chainsaws to your katanas really brings a whole new feel to the house building part of it!

  23. I've played/watched most of these games and I definitely agree that Smite is #1 its probably my favorite game overall.  It's so much fun and competitive at the same time

  24. Best top 10 list I've seen thus far for third person pc games.Thanks!

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