Top 10 Hottest Free Online Games News and Reveals January~May 2016 -

Top 10 Hottest Free Online Games News and Reveals January~May 2016

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Top 10 Hottest Free Online Games News and Reveals January~May 2016:

Welcome to the top 10 free-to-play news of the year so far, or at least our small and difficult selection of what we’ve seen until sometime in May 2016.

A couple of them are nothing more than teasers that may end up not being worthy of further attention, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll find something of your liking as the top gets closer to the first positions. The end of the year should bring some interesting games.












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  1. Gameforge publishing Soul Worker….R.I.P!! F*ck Failforge.

  2. I'm afraid that Gameforge will destroy SoulWalker with their P2W cashshop

  3. I would like to see Lost Ark the game looks way better than diablo 3

  4. RF online was a classic grind fest only thing new it had was afk farming and decent pvp and amazing looking robots.

  5. Yeah soulworker and Closers soo worth waiting nearly 3 year

  6. Already played soulworker jp ver, really fun but when you already get all the skill, now it just feel more grindy cuz theres no announcement for pvp, so i stop for awhile and wait another char (hopefully the cannon girl) and grind and again…also the pvp too…

  7. Not so much "haters gonna hate" as… They have zero idea how to optimize coding and textures for a world that causes horrible lag.
    Yes I played skyforge to high levels and played through the game breaking bugs that would stuff your character under the world unable to log out or move and having to send a ticket in to get a GM to come and forceable move me.

    There was one area that was so bad the stairs didn't even have coding on them it was literally just a texture that you would run into and get stuck under…….And yes this was after CBT after Alpha testers told them.
    This was still happening on live patch in OBT months down the road.

  8. Hell yeah i have been waiting for soul worker this got me so hyped now

  9. I wish some one would remake Warhammer Online without it's worst issue in past… -_-
    RF 2 sounds nice too.

  10. You know what I'd love to see? News of a western release for Lost Ark… now that would be awesome.Soul Worker looks really good as-well though 🙂

  11. Fuck Gameforge man….hate em aswell as trion worst publishers on west…gonna stay away

  12. i really wanna play closer online i used to play rusty heart it was the best action rpg i ever played and closer online game mechanics is really similar too rusty heart

  13. Soul Worker is DEAD
    Gameforge is the publisher, games dead before it even started
    …Stay in Eu Gameforge, give the US to another publisher like Tera enmasse

  14. sadly any game that Gameforge touches, they turn to crap. Been playing Runes of Magic for 7 years, great game, potential etc, they took over from Frogster and made so many promises, which all never came true. We have lost so many players with their incompetence of listening to the community etc. We even told them what would be making them lots of money in the cash shop but they never listen. Check out Runes of magic forums and see how the community feels about Gameforge and it will make you think twice about buying any game they publish.

  15. Rip Soul Worker!

    Im sure they will turn this game in a pay2win nightmare too. Just stay away from Gameforge not just because it is a ripoff company it is a scamer company as well. After i was inactive for some monthes in eu Tera, they just give me premium and charge money without asking me and refused to give me my money back. A Forum post about this result in a perma bann and the Topic was ofc deleted. Just stay away from this Guys you will just be scamed or ripped off.

  16. Time to go back on JP soulworker with VPN. Fuck you, Gameforge.

  17. even if they said that Soulworker was going to be pay 2 win, I wouldn't care, I'd drop $60+ for it. ^w^


  19. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we just want Peria Chronicles bruh lol

  20. Soul Worker? That freaking Jester is freaking me out D:

  21. RIP Soulworker before it even came out.. why dont someone just shut down gameforge and all shitty publishers like that? they are cancer to mmo community

  22. If I could have an announcement, it would be a SoulWorker Anime
    Just sayin…

  23. Was really looking forward to Soul Worker. Not anymore. It's not something you can just say "haters gonna hate" about. Compare EU Tera to NA Tera, that's how much a publisher matters.

    It's not even a gutsy move because they pretty much forced themselves onto the project from the get-go.
    Lionsgate were partnered with Gameforge so no other publishers had a shot. What makes the situation even more depressing is that Gameforge thinks that they're ready to publish NA along with EU when they failed with Tera.

    Gameforge, please look at the games you have published, then take a look at the same games published by other publishing companies. You're not ready yet for a Global project if you can't even take care of EU.

  24. Yay. Soul Worker in EU but… when??? In fuckin' 2020?


  26. Did you said RF ONLINE 2??? Hoollyyy Craaaap! I've spent my teeny years in it! Oh joy!

  27. i would love to see a mass effect or maybe just a scifi tactical

  28. of alllllll the dam games to publish gameforge takes the one every one wants before I wondered why gameforge had such a bad Rep but after playing some games for a month now I see why oh God it's been decades I been waiting for this game now it's going to die….

  29. for me is kritika online/ lineage eternal and lost ark (diablo 3 isnt free patch off exile im bored with it ) but .. only few country can play kritika online at the moment so i wait

  30. That twin saga turtle mobile house has to be a seven deadly sins reference

  31. SOULWORKER IS COMING!!!!!!!!TO NA!!! Finally

  32. Bless by Aeria Games und Soul Worker by gameforge? xD These Games See dead for sure… So only Hope on Revelation Online..


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