Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola's Selection) -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola’s Selection)

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola’s Selection):

10: Lineage Eternal

9: Lost Ark

8: SoulWorker Online

7: Dragon’s Dogma Online

6: Gigantic

5: Peria Chronicles

4: Twilight Spirits

3: Dauntless

2: Revelation Online

1: Bless Online

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  1. Hey man, just wanted to say that this is an awesome list! Thanks for the video

  2. Well we know it's not legit. Cause Bless with it's god awful combat system on first place. (And eating promises is never a good thing)

  3. Well we know it's not legit. Cause Bless with it's god awful combat system on first place.
    (And eating promises is never a good thing)

  4. 50 v 50 battle man thats so tiny in AA we had more than 100 v 100 nation war

  5. Revelation Online isn't free to play, and i thing is pay to win game

  6. Soul Worker Does have a Western release MONTH which is February 2017 and it will be my MAIN mmo. It is a bit presumptuous of you to think you know a community well enough to say what games they will and will not take seriously. -_- You can not like Action/Japanese RPGs that's your opinion. Imo Twilight Spirits looks amazing but I fucking hate monster hunter style games. Doesn't mean I'd say people won't play a monster hunter style game seriously.

    lineage eternal

  8. Bless for me is a big question, cause i am lone wolf, i don't mind party, its just if i cant get full PT with 5min maybe max 10 (i hate W8), then i solo, also possible that i just take 1 with me (wont kick any1 if i go dun if its like in ESO, possible without full PT), depends how meany i got in PT, but in some games u need full PT, at least in some Dung, that's where ESO has gone better u can actually solo dung,mobs are always ur lvl, i hear Bless dung are hard, so maybe i will try Revelation

  9. Well I would be more grateful if you would show us which are available in the West aswell….

  10. I personally don't like eastern mmo games. Too bad almost everything seems to be (atleast influenced by) eastern style nowadays, just too anime-ish… Wish someone made a proper western style MMORPG that actually doesn't suck too bad.


  12. I hope Soulworker won't be as boring as Closers (no events for F2P players)

  13. dont forget NieR Automata tis game is realy nice

  14. Future reference, if you say a "different take" of something, might want to at least say something about why that is. It's like inserting a cliff in the middle of a conversation landscape, and us nerds are anal. Or maybe just me(also likely). That aside, welcome to freemmo.

  15. soulworker I wanna play it been In my list for years

  16. Why is every game on this list Japanese or Korean?

  17. Noone of these game will probably even came out and if they ever do earliest on like 2020 or something… Why no company understand people WANT Mmorpg and do something about it. From all the video games, probably most successful game ever would be WoW, you could not be that blind! But no, make the same shitty game over and over again instead. (looking at you Activision and Ubisoft and many alike) And we left here to mercy at some asian company who doesnt give a damn about other regions, naturally.

  18. It seems this is the new excuse for basically saying it woud be difficult. As the Japanese would say which basically means no. Anybody who tends to migrate towards these games are going to play them regardless. It's the same stupid crap they tried with Black Desert. Listen most people that are going to play these games.

    Have no problem playing the version of which it was intended. The same goes for most of these in the list as well. So this whole notion of testing it first to see how it goes is just a cop out. I mean seriously look how long it took to get Blade & Soul to get over here. Only to be a stripped version of the original at that. :/

  19. i gotta admit that i like this new guy!
    im currently hoping to see more of ZerohCola's lists on this channel in the near future

  20. I cry errytim my 200+ Australian ping. OH WELL, THOUGH. YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO FOR THE GAMES YOU LOVE!

  21. Is it me or "Twilight spirits" has Vergil from DMC? 😀

  22. I have acces to closed beta revelation online XDDDD but it's like blade and soul combat system and tera+ b&s mixed graphic
    and some aion wings and etc.

  23. If they are bringing Dauntless to West (MH type) why not just bring Monster Hunter Online (or Frontier) to the west if they are at it. I don't get it, Capcom doesnt want money??

  24. Dude, You missed Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP).

  25. Just a little bit of advice for improving video quality: Try tuning the music down a little bit. at times it makes you hard to understand. Also talk a little bit more about the games themselves instead of your personal opinion and stating the ETA, especially if you played them. This way you make longer videos and your viewers dont have to look up on the games afterwards.

  26. i guess i should stop anticipating and play whenwany release

  27. amigo muchas gracias por su aportacion sos exelente papasote de tu envidia nace mi fama adios.

  28. revelation can be played in browser?

  29. im excited about in soul worker but i cant download it

  30. all these mmo's are always out in japan only, and never ANY updates on a western release.. Lost Ark seems to be doing fine, but as of today, there is still no official statement or anything hinting at an EU/NA version..


  32. i tested bless and didn't like the controls at all.
    ppl from china told me revelation sucks. they were saying witcher is the most popular there. so i ended up wanting to try moonlight blade since i'm more interested in chinese and korean mmos

  33. this is a very decent list dood nice. a lot better then anything MMOByte puts up. o.o

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