Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola's Selection) -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola’s Selection)

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola’s Selection):

10: Lineage Eternal

9: Lost Ark

8: SoulWorker Online

7: Dragon’s Dogma Online

6: Gigantic

5: Peria Chronicles

4: Twilight Spirits

3: Dauntless

2: Revelation Online

1: Bless Online

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  1. Man i hope bless fixes its combat if its not action combat i dont think its gonna do very well

  2. Love how bless is on number one, and its instantly dead in korea alreadyxddddd

  3. i put my bet on duantless , if riot realy has something to do with it , well it got to be good

  4. did Revelation fix their shitty language patch?

  5. was a great video and very informative , games i have not heard of now i know c:

  6. Its full of cool mmorpg, glad that i watched this video. Like +1.

  7. how u gona put games ona list thats says top 10 free onlinw games when some u got to buy ? thats not free to me

  8. I like the list a lot. But man try to put some oomph in your voice. You're so mono tone. It's almost like you're not excited about anything really. Not trying to be mean but this will help you a lot!

  9. Amazing video!!! Damn I cant wait to play all of them

  10. I am not THAT hyped with the lower numbers… like, bless, revelations and monster hunter looking funny….
    but really hyped with all the rest.

  11. Hyped about Lost Ark, and btw if you really like Twilight Spirits that much, and you dont mind that it is instanced, then I highly recommend you trying Vindictus (EU) out. :3 It has the best/most fluid/most satisfying/combo-based combat I have ever experienced in any MMO before.^^ And I played pretty much all relevant mmorpgs.

  12. 2:26 instanced… that annoys me because of how good it looks…

  13. 6/10 are Korean games…..and yet we still complain about how grindy Korean mmorpgs are lol.

  14. hope my 750ti is still good for these upocoming games. still poor for pascal cards x.x

  15. revelation is not a good game combat is lacking and tastless gets boring really fast

  16. bless before revelation ? play them both ,and i got to say – i prefer Bless too 🙂

  17. Guess I'm sticking to Dota2 for now, I'm sick of hack and slash with all these weird animation and effect that is completely irrelevant for the most part, grind, pay money, grind, pay more money, grind, grind, pay more and more, really sick of it. Maybe I'll give that Revelation a chance, just a chance.

  18. i tested bless briefly. didn't like it. chinese friends said moonlight blade is better than revelations. unfortunately, i'm not having luck installing either 🙁
    in this list, i want to try twilight spirits. looks similar to BnS. only concern from the gameplay videos are the recycled monsters and that they seem dumb.

  19. Does anybody feel MMOs are a HUGE waste of time? During my college days i spent 10-15 hours playing WoW DAILY and it really affected my studies badly. Instead of MMOs, people should stick to games that can be played in 1-2 hours bursts, because we have to care for our studies, family,jobs,children,grandparents etc etc

  20. btw whats the thumbnail game name?? im curious

  21. I was surprised to find Peria Chronicles in that list. It was my most anticipated game in 2015 but I haven't heard any news from that Game for over a year and thought they dumped it.

  22. 2:49 that game totally doesn't remind me of Final Fantasy XIV … nope….
    Interesting list by the way.

  23. I'm looking forward to Lost Ark & Revelation Online the most! Does anyone know if there's been word of release dates for any of these games?

  24. Twilight Spirit has me waiting for it.

  25. i cant wait for dauntless as soon i seen a post on fb about it i just got so hyped

  26. Awesome video! And that Lost Ark, the hero is using a GunLance! Super cool!

  27. Peria and Soulworker with that artstyle went off my radar instantly, Bless is gonna be released by Aeria Games=p2w confirmed, Revelation is a Chinese mmo=p2w confirmed, Lineage Eternal is 4-hero system which i don't like. only interested in Lost Ark

  28. All the games you mentioned and selected are actually very very good.

  29. wow, I'm not even remotely interested in any of these.. are all MMOs becoming isometric? if so, that's too bad.

  30. A Solid List. All of them are on my Watchlist now 😀 Except Lineage/Lost Ark/Peria Chronicles was already on my list. And my Favorite is by no means Peria. (As I am a Fan of Anime styles also including the SandBoxing there it's just the perfection itself)

  31. Hey man, just wanted to say that this is an awesome list! Thanks for the video

  32. Well we know it's not legit. Cause Bless with it's god awful combat system on first place. (And eating promises is never a good thing)

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