Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola's Selection) -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola’s Selection)

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Free Online Games (ZerohCola’s Selection):

10: Lineage Eternal

9: Lost Ark

8: SoulWorker Online

7: Dragon’s Dogma Online

6: Gigantic

5: Peria Chronicles

4: Twilight Spirits

3: Dauntless

2: Revelation Online

1: Bless Online

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  1. in my opinion soul waker online is the bast <^.^>

  2. Bless Online, that's the game I am totally looking forward to next but for now I will stick to BDO

  3. 2. I'm still waiting for the code to be able to play……. still waiting…….

  4. if ur so hyped and excited, then why not sound like it?

    you sound like some half dead monotone robot, so nothing you say is even believable, its like you're reading off some script

  5. Bless and Revelation are my top, but I didn't even know about Dauntless, that game looks really interesting.

  6. All Aussie / Oceania should go post forums about Sea Server for Bless now!! >. > before they launch the game and forget or not bother about us =="

  7. Bless was the only one that peaked my interest.

  8. nice quick list. just exactly what people wanted instead of long ass cgi gameplay

  9. Is that a Song of Storms and Garudo Fortress, metal remix, playing in the background? – Sick! 🙂

    You just became one of my favorite game reviewers/previewers, ZC.

  10. way too early to say for dauntless, was just announced and we haven't seen any gameplay yet either

    edit: (because nobody reads replies before replying) i didn't know there was actual gameplay out now o.o

  11. Dauntless and Peria Chronicles are definitely the two I'm looking forward to.
    I am iffy about both Revelation and Bless Online. I suppose I'll give either one a shot but the one that has less P2W clutter on the cash shop wins me over. Founders pack on Revelation is an astonishing turn off, I'm waiting until Bless gets released to make my judgement. Dragons Dogma was news to me! That looks great too.

  12. Ahh the waiting game, the most boring game and I've been playing it for a very long time.

  13. very odd, Revelations Online, looks extremely generic to me…. but great list!

  14. what takes so long for revelation online to release ? even fans translate game faster …….

  15. Love bless. Good info. Your voice seems flat, like no excitement or emtion when you chat.

  16. Gigantic is gonna be P2W. If ANYTHING is published by Perfect World expect huge price tags.

  17. hahah want to see the face of skylent now after he butchered this guy from mmohuts for being nab 😀

  18. Really for me, the only two game I'm hyped for is revelation online and Twilight Spirit, Revelation being first place XD

  19. when you said peace out in the end, ZeRo(smash bros player) popped up in my mind

  20. twilight spirit seems pretty cool to me, i just hope they become global at the end of 2017 or atleast at 2018

  21. is there a eng version on soul worker online? i wana play that game so badly

  22. I might as well just move to Asia ;-; always getting the best mmos first T^T

  23. Dragon's Dogma Online


  24. It kinda sucks that asian games almost never make it to the Eu or US,
    PSO2, KUF2 were ones of my most hyped games, sadly after many years all my hype died off, hell becouse of that i no longer have intrest in MMORPGs.

  25. You realise you can play MH in the west already right? games have released over here…..

  26. All the game are from Asia, i'm from ARgentina i can't play that tipoe of game u.u

  27. Some of these are barely heard from even in Japan and Korea, so there's next to no hope.

  28. Soulworker is pretty hard to play. You cant sell your equip in auction house without some "cash", so it will be hard to find money. In the level 25s, you need to play with other because your equip sucks. CMIIW 🙂 on the other side, I like the graphics.. well i cant read japanese' kanji, so i used the translation one. Not all of it are translated, but you can still play it. Thanks to the people working hard for the translation 😀 otsukaresama desu

  29. Unfortunately Bless Online will fail in the West 🙁
    Until these Korean developers hire people that are competent, Bless will not do well at all

  30. I cant play Gigantic for some reason
    it keeps saying login failed ;-;

  31. i just pray for dragons dogma online on ps4 at least

  32. your voice is so mono, like a robot. not enough emotion in your speaking lol. felt like someone else wrote your script and while you were recording it was your first time reading it.

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