Top 10 Multiplayer Games for Pc | Free To Play | [ Games to Play with Friends ] -

Top 10 Multiplayer Games for Pc | Free To Play | [ Games to Play with Friends ]

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Hey, Guys in this video I am going to show you the best multiplayer games for pc in the Year 2022 ..which you can play with your friends. With the Download Link in Description …

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How to Downlaod Valorant :-

Pubg Pc Lite:-

Rogue Company:-

Spell Break Download:-

Among us Download:-

How TO download PC Games :-
Download Minecraft for Pc Free:-

Other Games Are available on Epic Games And Steam Store

PC Specs :-
CPU :-
GPU :-
PSU :-
Monitor :-
MIC :-
Mouse Pad :-
Mouse :-
SSD :-
RAM :-

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  1. bruh click bait 2020 ki video 2022 title lol

  2. Bhai mujhe aisa game bta do jo ek hi PC me do ya usse jyada player controller se khel sake jaise INjustice gods amongs us, tekken 3 hain. Aise me hi koi Racing game

  3. I like genshin impact. Also i played it a lott.😁😶 And pubg pc ab free hai by the way. Toh pubg pc hi download kro.

  4. "Genesis Impact" and "its not Chinese" made me realize this guy's videos are probably crap.

  5. chutiya 2020 ki games ha 22 ma kar diya chutiya banaya

  6. Just downloaded Spellbreak. Game is good but chapters are locked. How to unlock ?

  7. Genesis impact💀💀
    Japanese game💀💀

  8. worst suggestions ekdam bakwass bhai 🙂

  9. Bro tu troll ho gaya, genshin impact is made by a chinese company called mihoyo/hoyoverse haha, ab kar boycott saala

  10. Genshin is a chinese game, with Japanese Chinese Korean and English voicelines

    Great storyline
    Great graphics
    Great mechanics

  11. tu nub he maa chudaoooo bhag bc wo genshin hota he genisys nahi randi ka

  12. Genesis impact 😂😂 Japanese game lmfao

  13. Thanks bro i love this video really
    Great video ❤

  14. bhai genesis ??? fr????? neon genesis evangalion part 2 + 3 real end ?????????? wtf ???? japanese? chinese hai be

  15. thnx spellbreak main iska naam dohnd raha tha

  16. spellbreak is one of the best games but servers were shutted

  17. why the hell u type everything in english ? then speak indian ? hello ?

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