Top 10 NEW Free Games of 2022 -

Top 10 NEW Free Games of 2022

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Looking a free game on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One or Nintendo Switch? We’ve got you covered with these NEW free to play games.
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#10 The Cycle: Frontier

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022

#9 Spine

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S XBOX ONE

Release Date : TBA

#8 Gangstar New York

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022

#7 Crowz

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA

#6 ExoMecha

Platform : PC XSX|S XBOX ONE

Release Date : 2022

#5 KartRider: Drift

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date : 2022

#4 MultiVersus

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S XBOX ONE

Release Date : 2022

#3 Overprime

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022

#2 ARC Raiders

Platform : PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date : TBA 2022

#1 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Platform : PC PS5

Release Date : 2022

Bonus :-

SCP: Nine-Tailed Fox

Platform : PC

Release Date : February 2, 2022, Early Access


Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022


  1. Really disappointed so many competitive type of games and player vs player and one of them was just using Tarkovs formula hopefully more solo player friendly games like arc riders come around idk man

  2. Oh look, another video about pay to win or pvp games from Gameranx…If you actually had any idea of who some of these developers are, you wouldnt be so enthusiastic. Ark was the first one that didnt look like fucking kiddie trash and paywalls.

  3. I played the hell out of paragon, such quality graphics but was a very empty game at the time. The little dude that rides the fire spitting animal was one of my best characters

  4. Is Spine gonna get treated like apex in xbox one cause i love apex even if im shit at it but i can only play it at xbox which i dont do since its xbox meaning my enemies can be new gen xbox and can see me from a far while i see pixels that blends in the environment

  5. Playing kart rider since the next gen consoles cant play as a owner of a xbox one in a country where play station dominate i can only play f2p games since i dont have an online bank

  6. spine looks like a robocop spin off game where cyborgs are all over the place

  7. im only interested in arc raiders tbh id buy it even if its free

  8. 4:17 and the award for most-cringe-animation goes tooooo

  9. 6:17
    That is actually the meme shaggy..


  10. Free-to-play games are taking over slowly. The funny thing you don't need to buy a CD or a game controller huh.

  11. I actually had 1 game on my laptop
    Which was assassin's creed 2
    And now i wanna play the rest games but i am broke

  12. wish that wizard battle royal took inspirations from fortnite

  13. These games look better than most recently released paid games.

  14. this is the type of games i wanna see when i search "new free to play games on pc 2022". quality content bro👍

  15. i liked titanfall 2 a lot… i never understood why they never made warzonelike game for it…. in my mind it makes much more sense and since it haves much more option i imagine it would be much better… but then again its ea….

  16. ERROR:492-VIRUS-DETECTED=Enisheate operation-END says:

    thanks for this list because i dont know what game to play anymore

  17. 3rd person shooter moba has a gigantic vibe of gameplay

  18. I tried the cycle frontier but I just got into PC gaming. I've been on console with my elite 2 controller for years. Learning M&K is something that will take me too long to do. Please cycle frontier get controller support! It's 2022 for goodness sake.

  19. Man, it's kinda the same as always… Any time I check out if there are any new cool games, it's always these same FPS and/or battle royale games over and over again. Nothing wrong with them, I just really don't dig them personally. I also understand, how the comapnies go on them bcs that's what's been trendy lately and what's trendy, is gonna be more popular and make more money, but it's just… so stupid. Maybe it's just me, but there are so few games out there that actually give something new, and to counter the idea in the previous sentence, they should come up with more distinct and creative games also because that way they're gonna have less competition. The only two games I liked on this list were Multiversus and the KartRider, but those I already knew about.

  20. The Cycle sucks. Too many hackers and unfair match making for new players/ people with less time to grind

  21. An honorable mention should’ve been Disney speed storm it’s also coming out this year. And it’s another free to play kart racing game

  22. Paragon was amazing would love to have it back

  23. "Lost Ark" is the best free game i played so far of the new ones in 2022. (Yes, i know it it were released in Korea first).
    "Vampire: The Masquerade" had great park hour, but i didn't find it fun for long time. Of the unreleased ones. Arc Riders is #1 for me.

  24. Multi versus is free ?? I can’t even find it for Xbox ?

  25. overprime looks like its just using paragon assets right now

  26. muy viejo ya para jugar video juegos online competitivo jajajaja

  27. titanfall 3 is apex legends… your welcome.

  28. i would love to play Spec Ops The Line again, wish they would release it on console

  29. So is it overprime or predecessor? They can't seem to make up their mind… Btw when are they bringing it out? Any news?

  30. the old cycle is better T_T its very addictive before just the problem is lack of players

  31. Gangstar miami went so hard back on my iphone 4

  32. This video gets a thumbs down cuz shaggy punching Batman to me shaggy is the dumbest character EVERY n I was born in the early 80s N I never liked his dumbass

  33. camera placement and physics in gangster new york looks similar to watch dogs 2’ movement and all

  34. I know that gameloft SE is actually a pretty big company that can make good games like the mobile version of ac2 and the gangstar series.

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