Top 10 NEW Free Online Games to Play in 2015 (US & EU) -

Top 10 NEW Free Online Games to Play in 2015 (US & EU)

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Top 10 NEW Free Online Games to Play in 2015 (US & EU):

10: Echo of Soul (EOS Online)

9: Armored Warfare

8: World of Warships

7: Landmark

6: Dirty Bomb

5: Heroes of the Storm

4: Skyforge

3: Wildstar

2: Blade & Soul

1: Black Desert Online






Peria Chronicles

Soul Worker

Lost Ark

Tree of Savior

MapleStory 2

Ghost in the Shell Online

Bless Online

Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance

Phantasy Star Online 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2


Total War: Arena

Fable Legends

Unreal Tournament


Everquest Next


Albion Online

Closers Online

Top 10 NEW Free Online Games to Play in 2015 (US & Europe)

We’re reaching the half of 2015 and things are already looking much better than the dreadful 2014, with new games coming fast, and the end of the year promises to be a great time. While some of the heavyweights will only launch during 2015, we decided to let you know about some great games that you can either play already, if you were lucky enough to get a beta key, or should be playable in just a few months.

Most of these games are currently in very restricted betas and a few of them will probably stay like that by the end of the year, but we already played all of them in one shape or the other, so we can give you our sincere recommendation about them. If you couldn’t play them yet, hang in there, you should be able to do so in a few months, perhaps with a couple of exceptions only.


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  1. still waiting for MMORPG version of LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

  2. i am most excited about black desert and lost ark. but there is still no western release..

  3. ughh that Skyforge advanced classes required really fucking hard to get ..other parts are nice

  4. "Heroes of the Storm isn't really a MOBA" lmao, based on what? Every major aspect of it is MOBA and you sounded a bit biased in favor of it arguing that it just trimmed the excess. It is dumbed down on purpose. It makes it more casual friendly and opens up a highly competitive game model to a much wider audience. I think it is too simplified for my tastes but it is a smart business move for Blizzard.

  5. Well since black desert is buy to play i think i'll give it 1 year of fun and people are gonna stop giving a damn about it

  6. Tried a lot of these MMO's not fond of barely any of them I don't tend to like anything that's Click to hit like Echo of Soul or anything that feels grindy and automated like Blade and Soul :/ I used to be into the MMO Spiral Knights back in 2012/2013 but that soon started to die overtime :c then I tried Dragons Nest in 2014 and after the whole server crash incident in 2016 then the publisher changed the game kind of died and now I'm stuck looking for another MMO to play that's not Click to hit since I like Aim to hit but I don't like automated at first I liked blade and soul because it reminded me of Dragons nest classes same goes for echo of soul has similar classes but I went off echo of soul since it was click to hit and went off blade and soul since it felt too automated with the combat and felt rather boring compared to Dragons Nest combat It's hard to find an MMO to get into these days since most the good ones are either in south Korea or japan I'm EU Btw D:

  7. WTF? Heroes of the Storm? its like the worst game ive ever played..

  8. its funny that i actualy liked the games after the top 10 but not the top 10 which was this video all about lol

  9. Do you know the name of the game LeafyIsHere plays in his videos?

  10. herowarz just finished cbt 2 in eu heres hoping it gets opšen beta soon

  11. hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about how can i focus my mind try Vaxicorn Instant Focusing Guide(do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  12. i have been waiting for lost ark so long and its still not here … they were sayin it will come out in fall 2016 but i dont think it will which is quite disapointing btw this was 1 of the first time a liked ur top list usually i watched mmorpg lists but this one was somehow better

  13. Nexon korea really seems to be like "we can have the sweet unreal 4 engine games and you guys in NA and EU can get the shitty ones!" ;^; they get Bless we get Riders of Icarus (gameplay is really really bad in my opion like a shitty version of Tera really and in the same engine)

  14. OMG i can't wait for the closed beta games to come out. JK

  15. Overwatch is not free

  16. FreeMMOStation you guys are really popping up on YouTube 🙂

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