Top 10 New Free Online Games to Play in 2016~2017 | -

Top 10 New Free Online Games to Play in 2016~2017 |

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So, you’re itching for something good to play this year, and you want it to be free-to-play? Well, you just came to the right place as we have a bunch of recommendations of great new games for this year. This top 10 strictly covers free online games which have been released in 2016, and we’re talking about betas too. You may also spot a couple of games that are yet to be released later this year, if everything goes according to plan.

Remember, 2016 games only, so keep that in mind before talking about Lost Ark or Peria Chronicles in the comments, okay?

Top 10 New Free Online Games to Play in 2016~2017:

10: HeroWarz

9: GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

8: Tree of Savior

7: Master X Master

6: Paragon

5: MU Legend

4: Riders of Icarus

3: Unreal Tournament

2: Paladins: Champions of the Realm

1: Revelation Online

Other top quality suggestions:


AdventureQuest 3D

Twin Saga

Evolve: Stage 2

Fractured Space


EVE Online

Gloria Victis

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  1. If only Revelation online has the same intensive graphical features and character creation like black desert online does, I would be super super hyped by it. BDO flopped so hard but i'd say it's still worth spending 2-3 months playing it.

  2. you cant play this game becouse they all in closed beta and etc…. plz stop promoting those stupid closed beta shit show some open beta games that we can try

  3. imo faeria , a new tcg with chess like board is really interesting and promising

  4. maybe Revelations is what im looking for. been playing guild wars 2 for few years now and getting tired, nothing else has my interest right now :/

  5. So … whats the date exactly that Revelation comes out(not beta)? i rly want to play it !!

  6. you guys deserve more subs

  7. Most of games you talk about arn't MMO …


  8. I got into the alpha and the beta but the game wouldn't let me in so I'
    m a lil salty about this game XD

  9. revelation and mu are the only games I look forward to in this list

  10. I've read somewhere that securing funding for online game projects is getting harder and harder if the project isn't slated to be Free-to-Play. VCs just don't have confidence in the longevity of the Pay-to-Play model anymore.

  11. Riders of Icarus was a big disappointment with its low hight limit for flying and its bad combat.

  12. I came for Paladins then I Came for Paladins

  13. OMFG MU
    the nostalgia
    it was a game i played years when i was like 12

  14. Subscribed! the quality of this video was amazing, thanks

  15. ToS is trash, don't try it. It's a base of a game. "Tokens" makes it freemium, no contect, buggy, optimization issues, story line is linear. Nothing about it is decent other than the art style.

  16. Well, Riders of Icarus seems really cool i'm going on it while taking a pause from wow

  17. Tree if savior sucks… bad… path of exile is badly underrated though.

  18. Riders of Icarus doesn't work. I tried to sign up but it won't work.

  19. Well, this was a boring list.
    Seems like there aren't any decent free online games this year either.

  20. paragon is in beta and its the best on this list lol

  21. paladins looks like a blatant rip off of overwatch.

  22. Does anyone know of a MMORPG game that doesn't have a massive amount of abilities per class? I enjoy the genre but I often get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of abilities.

  23. Eve is going free2play? Ohh thats right there will be its rival star citizen they have to do something lol

  24. Lord what a bunch of shit games. I don't know how this came up as recommended. I'm not a fan of moba or anything using a diablo view.

  25. Where is that girl clad in white in the thumbnail(second from left) from?

  26. Disliked for giving Herowarz shitty SJW coverage, without actually going into any detail on it's mechanics or gameplay whatsoever. Other than, "It's like Diablo." Huge disservice to the game, its' players, and the developers. I hope nobody takes you seriously.

  27. 第一名居然是天谕

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