Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016 -

Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016

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Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016:







4: H1Z1




Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016

Many free-to-play games are coming and while some of them are already playable in betas, alphas or foreign servers, others are not, but we can already take a guess at the potential of most of them. And that is exactly what we are going to do here.

We picked ten games which we believe will be successful in some way. By that we don’t mean crushing-the-competition-and-running-for-a-decade kind of successful, but more in a it’s-somewhat-profitable kind of way. Some of these may actually turn up quite some cash for its developers, if early impressions are to be believed.

While ranking these games is somewhat unfair and we nearly decided against it, here they are anyway in order. Number 1 is the game that we believe will be the most successful of all in this list, with most games probably only releasing sometime during 2016, and we’re only doing this for games that have already been officially announced for western territories. Let’s begin.


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Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore:
Intro: The Easton Ellises ()
BGM: Together We Rule the World – Tomas Skyldeberg

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  1. 8:08 that moment you see something sexy randomly on the internet, and it makes you HAVE to fap.

  2. Blade and Soul, Black Desert and Ghost in the shell heck yeah!!! can't wait till I can finally start playing.

  3. korean mmo's be dying before even coming out

  4. if successful means opening extra servers due to high demand on the first few days .. Black Desert and Blade & Soul will be it … but to keep a steady community .. there has to be either an e-sports element or engaging PVP ….

    don't play much RPGs these days but I have tried a few games like Skyforge, Archeage, Guild Wars 2 and Tera lately but felt something is missing that will keep me logging on regularly. Hope one of those 2 games (BSO and B & S) could rectify that because I have been playing MMORPGs for over 12 years.and this last year has seen me play more MOBAs and Shooters.

    That is why I think Paladins looks the most promising of the lot.

  5. I have Elsword which was what I started to play first have it for like 2 years already, have Eden Eternal which I only played for 2 to 3 days, Dragomon Hunter which I couldn't get in during the close beta bc of a problem but I'm currently playing it, then I downloaded ArcheAge yesterday which took me a while to download I played it for like maybe less than a hour.And now I got Blade and Soul the Russian one translated to English it feels so cool just have to wait for Black Desert.

  6. CBT BDO IS DEC 16!!!!! TAKE MY MONEY……oh wait i already bought conqueror pack…guess they already took it.

  7. I wish today's mmo focused less on character creation and more on giving a wider variety of races (i'm looking at you undead race that is no longer implemented anywhere) and skills personalization.

    Since the story in most mmo sucks, and you never read the quests anyway, don't tell me that the undead "can't be implemented because the lore doesn't allow it…."

  8. Sadly, black desert online won't be free to pay. It's buy to play. Plus "optional" subscription.

  9. arghhh Black desert online is ip block how the hell im gonna play??

  10. BDO > BnS 12 year olds and neckbeards will play BnS solely for the pixel tits. BDO has so much depth and the funnest combat I've ever played in an MMO. The only MMO that's on par with BDO combat is C9 but the company ruined that game and made it no longer playable. And before you ask, yes I've played BnS.

  11. Nice stoked, btw, did you use a capoiera song for the in between segments? Just sounds so familiar xD

  12. dont u need to pay for Black Desert? Or did they changed it?

  13. Windows 10 exclusivity? They will change their mind or perish from lack of players.

    Shame, Gigantic, I was intrigued now I'm disappointed.

  14. blade and soul is great I've played the beta and it's amazing.

  15. i cant wait until blade & soul comes out 19 january

  16. cant wait for black desert and gigantic looks interesting

  17. looks like im going to be the only guy character in blade and soul

  18. wait I thought Black Desert was a game you had to buy?

  19. yo guys all of ya i think you all should play roblox 😀 its an online game 😀 my username is jackdacoolguy12 follow me 😀

  20. I missed Albion Online in this list. Its still in the Beta das a big active Community

  21. Fuck Aeria Games, I'm waiting for: Black Dessert Online, Bless Online, EverQuest NEXT, Maple Story 2, Lost Ark Online, Paragon, OverWatch.
    Anime Games: Soul Worker Online , Closers Online, Peria Chronicles, Tree Of Savior, Arpiel Online.

  22. Gigantic is currently quite bad, imo, you can't change the language, character selection at the start is random and you can't skip cutscenes… Win10 requirement is no problem, I think.

  23. that first game is the same like 86% from the game Overwatch.

  24. Chuckled at shameless and sudden ending but then it kept going. In regards to the video topic, Tree of Savior and Lost Ark are my top title to wait for and I am hopeful for Black Desert but reserved in my optimism.

  25. "free" online games. Some of them have an initial fee.

  26. paladins champions of the realm what the time will be able to play>?

  27. we are already playing BnS here in the Philippines…meh…the game gives justice to the hype it generated but get past all those eye candy, (ahem…ass and tits) the quests are kinda repetitive…

  28. h1z1 is not free idiots and your list sucks and its for babies.

  29. I think that Archeage is going to be more successful with every new expansion!Best mmorpg since 2014!You might say that WOW is better but youre wrong cause you have to pay monthly in order to play!In Archeage you can do everything for free with hard work!

  30. Gigantic has the same graphical art style as Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker 😀

  31. bruh i cant even make an account on blade and soul its always at the same damn page when i click Create Account >.>
    (unless im doin it wrong 😛 )

  32. Black Desert is awesome but….. ITS COSTS MONEY and banned in my country (israel)

  33. So what game is that all the way to the left in the thumbnail?

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