Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016 -

Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016

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Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016:







4: H1Z1




Top 10 Potentially Successful Upcoming Free Online Games 2015~2016

Many free-to-play games are coming and while some of them are already playable in betas, alphas or foreign servers, others are not, but we can already take a guess at the potential of most of them. And that is exactly what we are going to do here.

We picked ten games which we believe will be successful in some way. By that we don’t mean crushing-the-competition-and-running-for-a-decade kind of successful, but more in a it’s-somewhat-profitable kind of way. Some of these may actually turn up quite some cash for its developers, if early impressions are to be believed.

While ranking these games is somewhat unfair and we nearly decided against it, here they are anyway in order. Number 1 is the game that we believe will be the most successful of all in this list, with most games probably only releasing sometime during 2016, and we’re only doing this for games that have already been officially announced for western territories. Let’s begin.


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Video Editing and Script: Vítor “Alexkayl” Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore:
Intro: The Easton Ellises ()
BGM: Together We Rule the World – Tomas Skyldeberg

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  1. Some of these games look amazing, but if they end up playing like Tera Online not sure if its going to be my thing.

  2. I've heard Blade and Soul has a great main story but the actual questing outside of this is kill and collect, sadly.

  3. Can someone tell me from which game are the chicks at 8:088:45? I want to play that game 🙂

  4. I have high hopes for Tree of Savior International. Even higher hopes that it will not be flooded with gold farmers.

  5. Where is Monster Hunter Online :/
    and will it be playable here?

  6. Personally I say Blade and Soul won't be ass successful as people believe… It's not really special in any way besides the visuals and many people don't really play an MMO for a "story" as for ages and ages the "story" in MMOs have become less and less important. The gameplay itself becomes boring as time goes on as well. Personally I'd stick with Guild Wars 2, or hell… Maybe even Aion lol

  7. I think lineage Eternal will over shadow Blade and soul. Blade and soul just has taken to long to get here. Unless ncsoft holds back Lineage eternal. They are suppose to do a gobal close beta some time this year.

  8. dont think blade and soul will do that well. played it and it was all that good. i will have a great start but it will fall

  9. Im the only one exited for Tree of Savior?? I wanna play it now!!

  10. What's the music used in the Blade and Soul "assets" showcase?

  11. areia version of DRAGOMON HUNTER is with founder pack to let catch number of mobs more than most peasants otherwise you be their bitch and buy that tool for 9.99 currency of some sort everytime you want hunt extra (aura kingdom secondary class change anyone??)

  12. Blade and soul is pretty overhyped, imo i think Black desert will be far more successful

  13. Nintendo 3DS Final Fantasy Explorer's January 26th 2016, plays similar to PS2/PC/Xbox360 Final Fantasy XI.

  14. Im personally looking forward to GITS:O a lot.

    More than the others, funnily enough, which is sort of odd for me 😛

  15. I can say once GiTS officially releases, many people will be disappointed. (I played the closed beta)

  16. Great video, I feel like you may have forgotten about dungeon defenders 2 however.

  17. Black desert—B&S—tree savior–ghost in the shell, im sure these will be a succes…dunno about the cartoony ones, fornite and the still buggy H1Z1

  18. Successful in which region? cause black desert for instance, is a ghost town in kr.

  19. I'm going to be the #1 chef in Black Desert. "Happy to serve!"

  20. star citizen comes out in 2016 and it was not on this list, WTF, it has already raised 90million dollars, that should at worst put it at second or third

  21. How could Overwatch not be in this list? It will 100% be the most successful Free 2 Play game next year just because its from blizzard.

  22. weeaboos are going to ruin blade and soul. stupid piece of shit virgins

  23. ok blade & soul, i think most ppl will get it just for the boobs and asses… ok SURE OF IT!

  24. nice break down for BnS there………. looks good shame the combat is trash imo.

  25. Since you mentioned Paladin, I think Overwatch and Battleborn in that genre will probably be even more successful…

  26. Wildstar went F2p …… I heard. I'm waiting for BDO…….

  27. Ghost in a shell is not good played it bits flying (NO JOKE THEY WERE ACTUALLY HOERING AND GOING THREW WALLS) and if you kill someone not on a flat serfice if they dont blow up they will laydown even floating off any non flat ground

  28. Chronicles of Elyria, even though still in early development, already looks really interesting and promising. And when I mean really interesting, I mean damn, that looks freaking interesting af. If they pull it off… it'd be amazing.

  29. Blade and soul will be dead by the end of 2016.-

  30. You guys have no idea what you are doing, this is the worst list i saw…. i hope you were sponsored to say these things

  31. second alpha of bns and the servers are already extremely full,
    alot of players bought the masters founders pack, everyone is having a blast playing the game.

  32. I don't think I quite picked up on what you meant by ASSets.

  33. ghost in the shell finally launched a game! my dream

  34. Unreal tournament + Overwatch … The future of FPS gaming. (Competitive)

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