Top 12 Free Mac FPS Games -

Top 12 Free Mac FPS Games

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Updated video:

1 – Paladins is no longer officially supported on Mac:

2 – Team Fortress 2

Download on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 10-Jun-10

3 – War Trigger 3

Download on The Mac App Store:

Mac Release Date: 07-May-15

4 – Unreal Tournament

Download from Epic Games:

Mac Release Date: To be announced

5 – Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Download on

Mac Release Date: 3-Jul-16

6 – Halo 2 Project Cartographer is no longer officially supported on Mac!

7 – Halo MD

Download from offical website:

8 – Codename Cure

Download on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 31-Oct-17

9 – No More Room in Hell is no longer supported on Mac:

10 – Fistful of Frags

Download on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 10-May-14

11 – Marathon Trilogy

Download from official website:

12 – SkillWarz

Download on

Mac Release Date: 06-Jun-18


  1. bro u missed the most popular game on mac


  2. MrMacRight, can you please help me? When i downloaded Ravenfield (Beta 5) on macOS 10.15.6. When i try to open it, it just says "The application Ravenfield can't be opened."

  3. just downloaded TF2 but it's saying it isn't supported

    any help?

  4. The games: 5/10 half were bad and the other half where good
    The video: 10/10 just great editing

  5. Some of the 32 bit games on Mac I can still play on catalina

  6. im so sad beacuse, i really want to play valorant, but its not on mac, i want to play fortnite, but idk what my mom will say about it, now paladins isnt on mac. im so dissapointed. 🙁

  7. tf2 dosent work on macOS Catalina pls help

  8. I can't open raven field but I downloaded it help me

  9. If Alan Rickman approves….. who am I to disagree?

  10. Mac doesn't support Paladins anymore 🥺 (unless your version on mac is not catalina, how to verify u ask, click on the apple sign at the top left corner and go in "about this mac" and it will show you the version you currently have)

  11. Hey thanks a lot since my xbox broke i had nothing to do and i miss hanging with my friends and no that school started up they gave me a laptop and well i have somthing to do now so thank you man

  12. can you make a list for free fps games that works on old macs to .pls 🙁

  13. Thank you so much, MrMacRight 🙏 🙏🙏 you are like a genius!!!!!

  14. YOOOOOOO my man promoted skillwarz, no way XD (used to be an admin in it)

  15. Why do you sound like you’re talking into a British plastic cup?

  16. You were right! There are a lot of players in Skillwarz now compared to two years ago, when this video was shot.

  17. Cool thanks Stewie. I scheduled playing FPS shooter for two hours a day, 2 hours before sleeping (iPhone Alarm app).

    God bless, Rev. 21:4

  18. there is a free multiplayer mod for raven field on steam

  19. is halo md safe and free of virus?

  20. i can’t find red crucible firestorm on the mac app store :/

  21. Please mention the games that are compatible with MacBook M1 air which can be downloaded through App Store or steam

  22. Paladins is no longer available on Mac, but you can use a bootcamp I guess if you want to.

  23. Hey ! Great videos man .
    I want to try out codename cure but it says it doesnt work with macos catlina , I have a bigsur , so will it work?

  24. OK so I guess I'm gonna sell my Mac y apple even bother to even make these device they r really just for private things n business but to say u can use it for any sort of entertainment it's a big piece of shit f apple

  25. you sound like a happy australian version of professor snape;p

  26. For a sec I thought Paladins was Valorant, lmao-

  27. MrMacRight, why is fortnite not supported on mac anymore?

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