Top 12 Free Mac FPS Games -

Top 12 Free Mac FPS Games

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Updated video:

1 – Paladins is no longer officially supported on Mac:

2 – Team Fortress 2

Download on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 10-Jun-10

3 – War Trigger 3

Download on The Mac App Store:

Mac Release Date: 07-May-15

4 – Unreal Tournament

Download from Epic Games:

Mac Release Date: To be announced

5 – Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Download on

Mac Release Date: 3-Jul-16

6 – Halo 2 Project Cartographer is no longer officially supported on Mac!

7 – Halo MD

Download from offical website:

8 – Codename Cure

Download on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 31-Oct-17

9 – No More Room in Hell is no longer supported on Mac:

10 – Fistful of Frags

Download on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 10-May-14

11 – Marathon Trilogy

Download from official website:

12 – SkillWarz

Download on

Mac Release Date: 06-Jun-18


  1. This is the stuffiest man on the planet

  2. Hey dude, Halo 2 is not working it sais the file is broken

  3. i want help can i reset the game ? settings and everything ??

  4. wow codename cure looks like as if it was made with half life twos engine :/

  5. no more room in hell is only for windows and steam

  6. Will they work on 2020 base model MacBook Air

  7. Great video! thanks for putting me onto Unreal Tournament for Mac!

  8. Thank you so much I have a Mac and I could edit find any games like FPS Thank you

  9. i think there is a frog in your throat XD

  10. Ravenfield is my favorite shooter game on Mac since it runs well and you can download awesome super fun mods straight from steam so yeah

  11. Don't forget the GZDoom engine and all the free games available through FreeDoom

  12. This video was bad
    none of the games could run on mac and said they were all windows applications

  13. when i try to download it. it says that it wont install cause the developer is unidentified or some like that

  14. wheres the "how to get HALO 2" video of urs at? I'm trying to look everywhere but I don't see anything

  15. I can long in to a game I’ve been waiting 3 hours just how to find out now I still haven’t know how to get in a match it’s been another hour so 4 hours in total!

  16. Paladins: "I think it's so popular because of the awesome gameplay" you mean it's so popular because it's a free overwatch clone.


  18. do any of these games support ps4 controller?

  19. updating my mac to Catalina was the biggest mistake I've ever made 🙁

  20. Thanks! And btw, you kinda sound like Severus Snape

  21. yooooo halo md won't run on newer versions of Mac update this to save peoples time

  22. I can't believe Mac foxes didn't make the cut

  23. bro u missed the most popular game on mac


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