Top 12 FREE Open World Games for PC 2021 -

Top 12 FREE Open World Games for PC 2021

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This is a list of top 12+ best FREE Open World Games for PC to play in 2021.

NOTE: This Countdown is based on ratings, reviews and personal opinion.
Views may vary between Individuals.

I have also given the PC Release date and platform from where you can download the game, and there’s much more in the video. So make sure to watch the full video so you can decide which game to play. 🙂

Check out this playlist for more FREE PC GAMES 😊:

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  1. id play genshin but the dialogue is actually fucking horrid. they say the cringiest shit

  2. It's refreshing to see a list video without so much narration/talking. Thanks for this.

  3. I mean… Destiny 2 and Warframe aren't open world, like at all… and I don't know about the other ones…


  5. Its so nice you actually give us good free games to play

  6. Does anyone know a good hide and seek game or like prop game ?

  7. That last one looks exactly like breath of the wild lmaooo

  8. Walking simulator sounds boring af lol
    Edit: I bought it and its actually good for a little while

  9. idk why there are so many dislikes, this is a genuinely good video

  10. i just started playing warframe, after 2 hours i got "hooked"

  11. Stop putting games on these videos that are either minecraft or rips offs of it

  12. trove gives me so good vibez when i used to play it when i was younger

  13. Must be something wrong with me. I don't like any of these. I don't really know what I'm looking for but it isn't here. Best game I ever played was Morrowind.

  14. you should of put genshin impact on the list oh wait you di lol

  15. bruh trove a like a ripoff of minecraft lol

  16. walking simulator; death stranding rip-off never play either of those games they're both trash

  17. Genshin impact is exactly like bless unleashed

  18. I don't think Death Stranding is free :0

  19. ill go for Genshin Impact, new and diferent
    Planet Side 2 is so old god damn….

  20. good video! but i wished you provided timestamps for convinience. anyways, better than the other list i've watched. keep it up!

  21. I'm crying right now this man is the BEST GUY TO GO TO I GOTTA SUB I AM IN TEARS WITH HOW GOOD HE IS!

  22. Why lots of dislike his video is good and very smooth

  23. Unturned is more better,, because its openwrorld, multiplayer, singleplayer, survival, low poly, zombie, building & Driving games,,, I love that game,, And the most coolest thing is that game was FREE TO PLAY, Small size, weak PC can play it

  24. walking simulator seems like a parody of death stranding

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