Top 13 Most Played & Popular Free Online Games EVER -

Top 13 Most Played & Popular Free Online Games EVER

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Top 13 Most Played Popular Free Online Games EVER

So, this is it: the ultimate, tear-it-all-down top 10 to destroy all top 10s. Until the next one. And besides the fact that it’s more than ten games. These are the 13 most popular free games in the world, or games that performed truly remarkably until recently, and you should be playing at least one of them right now. Popularity and profit usually go hand-in-hand, so you can imagine just how much cash these games are bringing in.

Let’s begin with our Top 13 Most Popular Free Online Games Ever! And by that, I really mean EVER! In no particular order:


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Apex Legends

Fortnite Battle Royale

World of Tanks

Dungeon Fighter Online

League of Legends


Path of Exile


Team Fortress 2

Dota 2



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  1. Any other suggestions, guys? This would be too big, but what about EVE Online, Maplestory, Guild Wars 2…?

  2. WoW is free too. making 1M gold per week and one token for a month playtime is 176k soooo .

  3. Hearthstone its f2p,but p2w as well
    Btw you used a dota2 clip from 2014 or older, it changed a lot from that

  4. Lineage 2 should have definitely been on this list

  5. well
    1)blade and soul is good(I know guys so much nudity dont focus on that so much)
    2)also planetside 2(almost gonna leave us)
    3)we might add smite
    Note: I know guys that they aren't that famous. that's my personal opinion and I also agry with most of the list mentioned in the video

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