Top 15 FREE Strategy games on Steam PC -

Top 15 FREE Strategy games on Steam PC

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Top 15 FREE Strategy games on Steam PC

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  1. Guild of wars is an mmo 😂 wtf this video is a waste of time lol

  2. Echo what mobile game do you recommend me?

  3. Thanks for checking out Minion Masters it is a fun game.

  4. You need to go over what strategy game means.

  5. Dota = Moba
    Eve online = MMO
    Guild Wars 2 = MMO
    World of Tanks = Shooter

    For all of you crying I just want to mention that if there is a little bit of strategy in a game does not mean its a strategy game simple as that. Guild Wars 2 for instance is a story driven mmo with multiple quests and exploration. Pvp is just a small portion of the whole game and strategy is just a little portion of the whole pvp system. So how tf is it stratgey? Same goes for eve online. Dota is a moba, not a strategy. A game where teamfight is more importand than anything else. We dont really need to talk about world of tanks. I mean it should be obvious at this point. This list should be like a top 5 maximum, even though i dont really now half of the games. If i did this list would probably be like top 3 free strategy games.

  6. lmao…marvel snap is not going up for game of the year, are you kidding.

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