TOP 20 Brand New Upcoming Free Games to play in 2024🔥 (Steam/Epic) -

TOP 20 Brand New Upcoming Free Games to play in 2024🔥 (Steam/Epic)

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Hey guys, Today Lets talk about Top 20 Upcoming Free-to-Play Games in 2024 and beyond.
Which games are you most excited about?
Drop a comment below and share your opinion.😊
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Intro :- 00:00
Game No 01 :- 00:27
Game No 02 :- 01:20
Game No 03 :- 02:00
Game No 04 :- 02:31
Game No 05 :- 03:09
Game No 06 :- 03:47
Game No 07 :- 04:28
Game No 08 :- 05:08
Game No 09 :- 05:47
Game No 10 :- 06:20
Game No 11 :- 06:53
Game No 12 :- 07:25
Game No 13 :- 07:50
Game No 14 :- 08:24
Game No 15 :- 09:01
Game No 16 :- 09:40
Game No 17 :- 10:20
Game No 18 :- 11:02
Game No 19 :- 11:38
Game No 20 :- 12:09

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  1. So many Fps on your list i'm not really a fan of fps shooters although i played a ton of fps games before like farcry, crysis, doom, call of duty, rage, etc.

  2. can i get a hereat from the guy who made me a gamer 🥰🥰 thx

  3. Happy New Year bro! I'm excied to play new games in this year. and hopefully upgrade my PC.

  4. bro i want to create some gaming content , i am new , can you tell some game , love your voice

  5. When any video game is downloaded, I make a video about it ❤❤❤❤

  6. Excited for Alara Prime
    that game looks like combination of csgo and valorant

  7. ohhh block n load is returning i remember the clown being scary

  8. yeah bro you're the one who help me to play free games for low end games

  9. You are too good,like amd subscribe for you ❤️

  10. I feel like XDefiant is going to wind up getting cancelled completely at this point. We're on the 2nd delay already, and this one was right before release basically. Which means either Ubisoft has no faith in it (which is very bad for the game) or the devs found stuff that had to be fixed/changed and had no choice in pulling it so close to release. Either way, it's probably not good. I'm still hoping it comes out of course. The 1st beta I had a lot of fun with it actually, and the shooting felt really good in that one (I know in the 2nd beta people complained that the hit reg was off and delayed etc.) and I just like the idea of a shared universe of Ubisoft content in a shooter game like this. Here's hoping it makes it out in 2024.

    And as for First Descendant – I have no qualms saying I LOVED playing it in the 3 beta tests so far. It has it's problems of course (and the devs are addressing some of them aka the open areas need more content and enemies etc.) but I had a blast with it. I am SUPER looking forward to Block and Load 2. The first one is still one of the most unique and fun games that came out in the "let's make a Minecraft clone, but an FPS" wave in the mid 2010s or so. And the 2 beta tests for BnL 2 were insanely fun and already felt way better to play. Can't wait. Maximum Football, let's just say I've played it. It has issues, but it was REALLY fun to play. Also the physics are top tier. Projekt Z if it EVER comes out, I'll play the shit out of it lol

    Obviously the Division Heartland, can't wait. Mini Royale looks fun (and reminds me of Mean Greeens SO MUCH). Arc Raiders, yeah can't wait for that one also. Who knows if it'll get delayed again though, possibly into 2025 at this point.

  11. Meanwhile me dreaming these games would run in my low end pc 😭😭

  12. I am really excited for Xdefiant and Backrooms and UFL and sneak out looks good too 😀

  13. UFL will release for PS5 and Xbox Serise X and S. Not for PC

  14. Bro can i run pubg . I have an i7 4gen 8gb ram no gpu ?

  15. I like it play it right now on PlayStation 5.

  16. Xdefiant reminds me of modern warfare 3.

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