Top 25 Best Upcoming Free Online Games 2019~2020 | Destiny 2, Phantasy Star Online 2, Lost Ark... -

Top 25 Best Upcoming Free Online Games 2019~2020 | Destiny 2, Phantasy Star Online 2, Lost Ark…

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Top 25 Best Upcoming Free Online Games 2019 & 2020

A lot of things have happened recently in the free-to-play segment, with a few delightful announcements. Instead of our usual top 10, we have decided to create a Top 25 Best Upcoming Free Online Games 2019 and 2020. Sure, some games were left out, but we couldn’t add them all, right?

Let’s look at some of the best upcoming games of 2019 and 2020!

0:26 Destiny 2
1:01 Sky: Children of the Light
1:45 Phantasy Star Online 2
2:14 Project BBQ a.k.a. Dungeon Fighter Online 2
2:50 Peria Chronicles
3:22 Crossfire X
4:00 Lost Ark
4:26 Middle-Earth MMORPG
4:38 Roller Champions
5:12 Torchlight Frontiers
5:40 Blade & Soul Vision Update
6:10 Moonlight Blade
6:35 Ascent: Infinite Realm
7:00 Magic: The Gathering MMORPG
7:29 League of Maidens
7:58 RuneScape Action RPG
8:30 Oath
8:54 Dragon Hound
9:20 Mad World
9:51 The Cycle
10:28 Lineage Eternal (Project TL)
10:56 Rocket Arena
11:24 Conqueror’s Blade
11:45 Destiny’s Sword
12:15 Veterans Online

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  1. oath looks like it's been heavily inspired by dragon nest lol

  2. Is destiny worth playing if youre going in as a solo player?

  3. I hope the Western get there own ship and get there own server in PSO2 kinda don't want them to be with the jp

  4. Phantasy star online 2.
    I got past the level 75 cap in a quarter of the time other players take.
    I had some pretty good gear and my character was… a super god-thot.
    But I left the game because all I could do was kill enemies just to get more currency (meseta) to purchase more useless vanity.

    My team/clan/guild had about 100 players yet only 4-6 of them were ever active (those few players were very helpful though). Some say there is a plethora of content, but most of the content is just the same thing you were doing but with a useless timer or an unrealistically long puzzle. Only a few things could actually keep my interest in the game. A big one was the atmosphere and plot. It felt retro, abstract, unique, and lonely. The game has great combat, a very detailed character customization (bdo, but better) , and a crappy story in the beginning, but a far superior one later on.

    Play if you intend on staying for the killing.

  5. You would dare compare garbage like bless to Phantasy Star? …you can no longer be trusted.

  6. half of these games prob won't come out in 2019 or 2020… Lost ark is better if you forget about it and only remember about it again in 5yrs. Peria Ch, Project TL, Project BBQ, AI:R and some others are probably in the same boat, have been showcasing for years now and still waiting but I guess we are getting closer?

  7. check if there's news about Ascendant One having an english release

  8. Been playing pso2 since its beta way back when and i can say all these years and can say its still my favorite game out there

  9. The Cycle to me looks a lot like a Borderlands knock off. lol

  10. OMG SKY ?? damn thanks for this i need that game, how do i put 100 likes ?

  11. Dude, PSO2 is already free

    U just dont know what and how to use tweaker

  12. Bless online my butt. I have been playing PSO2 for almost a year and a half now and its on EP6 and by far has a lot of content that you will definitely get overwhelmed with without a help from someone. You can technically play PSO2 JP with tweaker until now if you still can't wait for West because not every content (espcially fashion) might be in the west due to licensing of the collab items and some other.

  13. I just want a MMO that will force me unknowingly to make friends.

    Yup I'm weird.

  14. Dont kid yourself. A:IR may be MADE by TERA but bet your ass kakao made ALL the decisions.

  15. Nexon touching Moonlight Blade means its more than likely going to be p2W. look at what they just did to Overhit lol. Terrible company.

  16. How the eyes of those Moonlight Blade girls follow you … i think thats a game i will install purely for the character editor alone.

  17. Phantasy Star Online 2 and peria chronicles
    i like to get

    peria chronicles ,, i hope it,s better then wkc2
    and all items is easy to get not locked up like it was wkc2

    o the missions in wkc2 that was so bad
    6 online player get knock out at one,s by one troll whiff one swing in wkc2
    peria chronicles ,, i hope it,s better combat is lot more balanced
    even for single player, in side missions

  18. Anyone remember the last time NCSoft had a "Vision" update for one of their games? I'm still salty they dropped Aion like a sack of dead flesh.

    Also The Cycle looks like someone took the idea of Firefall pve added pvp and made it seem good.

  19. god i hope the new dungeon fighter doesnt have that goofy ass stamina system….

  20. Everyone watching this video deserves to know that the English release of PSO2 is as stillborn as it will ever be, there's already a large community on the Japanese servers that aren't willing to leave and play the US/EU versions with less items, events and content that I promise you the localization won't have.

    That's to say nothing of the time and money people have spent already, grinding classes and collecting items.

  21. For me. I´m looking foward: Conqueror’s Blade, Veterans Online and Mad World.

  22. Your delivery on your script is like listening to a robot trying to pretend to be human

  23. Project BBQ just doesn’t look good. It fucking smells delicious!

  24. No warframe? Smh… Tennocon is literally tomorrow

  25. You flatout mention when PSO2 came out in Japan and you still dared to compare it to Bless Online?

  26. There is 5 tittles that I will look at, but none have me wanting to play. I am fearful for pay to win mechanics and shitty VIP/Premium/Founders/whatever that takes all the fun of the game unless you are paying, and on top of that there is also the 'surprise mechanics' to fuck things even further.

  27. Crossfire X. The game nobody wants but their gonna get it anyways

  28. Lmao take destiny 2 off this list it’s not even close to an mmo plus it’s trash.

  29. When Im looking for possible new games but all I find is clickbait.
    Conqueror's Blade
    Destiny 2. Still gotta buy the other half of the game though. (Also new game btw.. Free btw)
    Torchlight Frontiers
    Roller Champions
    League of Maidens
    Project TL
    Veterans Online
    Crossfire X
    PSO2 (2012 game finally coming to NA/EU. New game btw)
    Destiny's Sword OBT
    Dungeon Fighter Online 2 (Only thing mentioned is a possible 2019 KOREA launch)
    Peria Chronicles (They dont even have a date for Korean launch)
    Lost Ark (They have never mentioned coming to NA/EU)
    Middle Earth (No word)
    Moonlight Blade
    Runescape RPG (Literally no info)
    Oath (Its a kickstarter that JUST started up recently)
    Dragon Hound (No info)
    Mad World
    The Cycle

    Blade and Soul update lol. (Upcoming game btw kappa)

  30. So these are just crappy MMO and they are not free as you have to buy the games itself, False advertising.

  31. Genshin impact?
    Seeing all those upcoming games without having pc lol .

  32. 2013: OMG yes! PSO2 is coming to the west!
    2020: should we tell them?

  33. Phantasy star online 2 alone beats all these games are you stupid??

  34. Liked the video for the fact that PSO2 was put in this tagline. & there was a tease about Moonlight Blade (which btw WILL kill the likes of both Tera Skyforge BDO (when that comes out on PS4 in July soon & Onigiri by storm) Destiny SUCKS!! DON"T BUY THAT SACK OF SHIT GAME!!! Save your $ for something worthwhile. 0/10 o.o

  35. Oh look, NCsoft is making another game to cancel.

  36. Been waiting for lost ark for 8 years now, it’s highly unlikely it’s getting ported this year.

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