Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time -

Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time

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Looking for a free singleplayer game that doesn’t suck? We’ve got you covered with this free to download games with minimal or zero microtransactions.
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0:00 INTRO
0:11 Cloud Climber
1:21 Path of Exile
2:05 Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2
2:59 Genshin Impact
3:52 Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A WhirlWind Heist
4:34 Helltaker
5:06 Cry of Fear
5:37 Zero-k
6:19 Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden
7:04 Shrine 2
7:35 Himno
8:10 Matilda Castilla
8:51 No One Lives Forever 1 and 2
9:35 If on a Winter’s Night, Four travelers
10:04 Doki Doki Literature Club
10:40 Space Funeral
11:09 Loria
11:41 Sonic Robo Blast 2
12:24 Spelunky Classic
13:02 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-palooza
13:34 La Mulana
14:19 The Dark Mod
14:59 Another Metroid 2 Remake AKA AM2R
15:39 Cave Story


  1. for me doki doki thing creeps me out i will never download that game

  2. Warframe has to be the best F2P game out there. You don't have to spend real world money to enjoy it.

  3. now this is a good video regarding that topic: across all genres, hidden gems, not just the trendy current ftp almost everyone knows anyways

  4. What ? No one lives forever ? Where can I get those ?

  5. God Loves You Remember That 🙏🏾✝️❤️

  6. I'm far from a fortnite fanboy, but to not include the biggest and most popular free game to ever exist seems…. Odd to say the least.

  7. I though God of war 2018 would be here

  8. Downloading zero-K right now.
    Thanks for the research.

  9. and honkai impact. not everything is about genshin.

  10. "Gravitas" is missing, it is a game very inspired by the Portal saga, but at the same time it has its own scene, it is very short but entertaining, and the characters that appear are very memorable.

  11. What about Starcraft2? Entire 1st campaign, ranked battles, custom battles and three coop commanders are free to play.

  12. Should rename the title to " Top not to play free games of all time"

  13. When you realize most of the games are buy to play. Thanks for the people who repack the games so we can download them free

  14. Dude, I can't believe Transport Tycoon Deluxe (OpenTTD) didn't make the list. It's a great Tycoon game and it's free on Steam.

  15. Doki Doki Literature Club really does not disappoint. Check it out! It’s amazing. Do not look it up online, spoilers are everywhere, and it’s much better if you go in blind.

    A game that wasn’t on this list is warframe. It’s a great (singleplayer semi multiplayer) game, has hundreds of hours of content, and you can trade for premium currency. It’s insanely easy to get your hands on plat without spending a singe dime (I have done it). I’ve spent 600+ hours on it and there’s still so much I haven’t done. It is overall a really fun, well made AAA game, that is not p2w at all

  16. Me before the video:alright how bad van these be
    Me after video:well there are a lot of dating sims out there

  17. Worth mention is Skylords Reborn.

    It's basically Battleforge killed by EA and resurrected by players. Game is totally free and will remain free. Agreement with EA forbid them get money from it.

  18. There is a big legal distinction between free and abandonware, I appreciate that the video ended saying these are "mostly legit"

    Nobody's house will be raided over downloading, but it's important for people to understand what is and isn't legal distrobution

  19. Alternative title: Top 2D Free Single Player Games Of All Time

  20. i wish i got 1 dollar every time he says free. than this video would not be free🤣

  21. And again that proves that the fan's sometimes just know what the players want.

  22. old video but i gotta say: Iji
    ppl should try it, it's awesome and even has some replay value

  23. Dwarf Fortress? Seriously Dwarf Fortress should be on this list.

  24. Top 25 free boring games should be your video title

  25. Stranded 2 was good too. When I was a kid it was fuking hard for me. Its like Green Hell on wish. Or the other ocean survival thing i forgot the name of. stranded deep yea. But its free and it is a nice game dont get me wrong

  26. i know fortnite is shit now but if u use free games of ALL TIME fortnite prime was the best

  27. why is helltaker the most replayed?

    sounds super sus.

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