Top 25 Multiplayer & Online PvP Android/iOS Games to play in 2022! [With Friends] -

Top 25 Multiplayer & Online PvP Android/iOS Games to play in 2022! [With Friends]

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2022 is so far looking very promising for us Mobile gamers, the first quarter DID NOT fail to bring for us some of the hottest games to play. But, we all know that multiplayer games that you can play with friends are the best ones, right gamers?😉

Here’s my Tier list of the 25 most fun & addictive Multiplayer & Online PvP Mobile games that you can play in 2022 with your friends when you feel bored.

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0:00 intro


0:49 Action Toys
1:09 T3 Arena
1:33 Ace Racer
1:54 The Ghost: Survival Horror
2:15 Farlight 84
2:37 Modern Combat Versus
2:56 Hide Online
3:17 Basketball Playgrounds
3:41 Road Warrior
4:06 HeyHa Royale Mobile FPS
4:25 Tennis Arena
4:51 Badminton League
5:09 Boom Guys
5:30 Outfire: Battle Royale
5:53 Fun Run 3: Multiplayer
6:18 Rocket League: Sideswipe
6:43 Rally ONE
7:05 Rec Room – Play With Friends!
7:29 Combat Master
7:49 Flash Party
8:11 Star Wars: Hunters
8:36 Crossout Mobile: PvP Action
9:04 Hyper Front
9:37 Pokémon UNITE
10:03 Metal Revolution

10:32 Outro

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  1. the first game is called rebel riders

  2. Please make this into a Series!! These are all amazing picks for games to play locally and online multiplayer with friends!!

  3. thank you for this list also i downloaded some of the games also you gain another new fan!

  4. You guys can now play fortnite again on IOS/MOBILE aswell! Checkout my video to learn how in 2 minutes!🎮

  5. Why do you speak by holding your nose 🐽

  6. احسك عربي لكنتك مو انجليزي

  7. U did an amazing job I had a 9 hour car drive ahead and U made it feel like three

  8. is flash party and pokemon unite available on mobile? (android)

  9. The action toys games isnt available in the appstore for mr

  10. Can't find Pokémon UNITE in my good playstore for android.

  11. Don’t Forget FRAG ARENA, Great game it has 1v1-2v2 games you can also join clans and variety of cards aka Characters and also upgrade! Give it a try. Lol

  12. I am more of a shooter gamer been playing more warzone and fortnite then cod M apex M

  13. Would like to get a part 2 about new games in 2023

  14. Tell the best so I can play with my friend in same team

  15. When I Searched up Star Wars Hunter on the play store nothing popped up

  16. kir to in gama ke gofti koskesh mage bara bache 5 sale game midi
    inaro bede nnt play bede

  17. Thank you so much you made my day 💕

  18. I don’t know why but I can’t download any of these games even tho I’m using ios

  19. I'm a new follower and I like your content and I'm a Muslim, is there any welcome?

  20. Ok got the games

    Now to get the friends 🙂

  21. Many of the games dont work on my country, i hope it would soon

  22. Hey everyone, In the intro and outro of this video there is a girl with a red flag. Can anyone tell me what game that is? Thank you and have a great day.

  23. You need to change name.: Games for kids, no skills what so ever.

  24. Wow there are so many cool games thanks to you, thanks man

  25. I love the list but most of the games are android only🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. Literally all the games here were not on the App Store and I’m on ios

  27. Why there is t3 arena showing pre register in playstore ?

  28. ปิยาพร วงศ์สถิตย์ says:

    cũng vui

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