Top 5 FREE GAMES On Nintendo Switch eShop Right Now! -

Top 5 FREE GAMES On Nintendo Switch eShop Right Now!

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Join me as we walk through the major Nintendo Switch news including, a new update to the NSO N64 Controller stock situation. And, a big question that was answered for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack DLC offerings going forward at today’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct presentation!
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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct:
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00:00 Intro
00:50 NSO N64 Controller Update!
05:15 Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack DLC Question Answered!


  1. Let me know favorite free Nintendo Switch eShop games in 2022! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! 🙂

  2. I know I love free stuff! Excited for the video! 🙂

  3. Asphalt 9 is very good once you spend a little time with it

  4. I’ve never been a Kirby person, but I’m excited to check this free one out and see what I’m missing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have Asphault Legends #9 im a huge fan of racing games .ive had it for about 3 yrs on my console . but a few wks back i found out my game got an " upgrade . maybe a datamine. i had different race tracks ,different states or other countries to race in . i loved this very much !! im glad i kept it

  6. I’m really excited for Disney speedstormers. when does it come out again??

  7. Blades and chocobo racing are microtransactions/gacha garbage, not worth playing, even if free. Kirby, fall guys are 100% fun and worth it. Not sure on the legends game.

  8. Blades wasn't worth the time to download…

  9. I forgot about asphalt 9! Great gameplay and music!!

  10. NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH Nintendo has just announced the next game to be added to N64 for Nintendo Switch Online. Wave Race 64 will join the roster this Friday on August 19.

  11. New subscriber. Really liking the channel so far.

  12. Blades is decent, but it’s nothing like Skyrim oblivion of morrowind, so don’t go in expecting elder scrolls 6.

  13. If my hunch is right, this time next week is when they will announce what’s next for Sega Genesis. This is because last month we got new games for NES and Super NES. They alternate between these two systems and Genesis each month. Which means we will have new games for NES and Super NES in September and November, and new games for Sega Genesis in October and December. Don’t believe me, do a you tube search titled Nintendo. Nintendo has its own you tube page to post the announcement trailers for the next wave of add on titles when the time comes. Well, that’s all for now. Good Night

  14. For the new Nintendo super switch 4k and the Nintendo direct n 2022 and n 2023 a new Nintendo switch online virtual console services for Nintendo direct n 2022 and n 2023 I want on the Nintendo switch and the Nintendo super switch 4k and Nintendo switch OLED and the switch online virtual console games services I want is original game boy GBA GBC Sega wii wii u Ds SNES NES N64 and game cube and the Nintendo switch and Nintendo switch OLED and Nintendo switch 2 4k games I want is Sentinels Aegis Rim 2 Pokémon remakes Nintendo land remake ducktails remake Arms 2 Zelda breath of the wild 2 Nintendo switch sports 2 Pokémon space Poke Park2 Pokémon time Pokémon multiverse Pokémon classic collection borderlands3 1 2 switch 2 Original Teen Titans remake Hogwarts legacy and Hogwarts legacy 2 a new bey blade switch game POKEMON lets go JOHTO and a new 3DS Gravity Falls game remake Mega man legacy collection Dragon ball super GT KAKAROT and a new Yoshi game Ben10 game GTA5 game Dragon ball XENOVERSE3 game and a GTA6 switch game SPONGEBOB square pants the movie remake SPONGEBOB Square pants revenge of the Flying Dutchman remake and I hope we get new open 3D Pokémon world games for new and old regions with new Pokémon on the switch and new consoles NICKTOONS unite remake Ed EDD n EDDY the miss ED adventures remake Super smash bros ultimate 2 kids next door operation video game remake the Simpsons hit and run 2 Family guy back to the multiverse 2 or a remake Pokémon XD 2 and Pokémon Colosseum 2 or a remake Dragon ball Universe and Kirby dream land 4 Pokémon universe Zelda breath of the wild 2 the Super Mario odyssey 2 Lego Batman 2 the video game Sponge bob square pants battle for bikini bottom 2 remake street fighter alpha 2 remake street fighter alpha remake Splattoon4 Metroid prime 4 Pick men4 Super Mario galaxy 2 remake new Pokémon Snap 2 Pokémon master collection a new Donkey Kong game a new fire emblem game a new Mario kart 9 remake game Super Mario all stars 2 super smash kart donkey Kong odyssey and viva viva Piñata game Kirby classic collection Dragon ball fusion 2 Lego super Mario world Banjo Kazooie Loco motive Crash bandicoot super Pokémon maker Nintendo land remake dragon ball legends star fox KAO the Kangaroo Mario strikers league 2 DBZ DOKKAN 2 DBZ Saga 2 Pokémon black and white remake Pokémon let’s go JOHTO Pokémon lets go HOEN Remake Zelda Major mask remake Zelda OCARINA of time remake Pokémon pinball 2 Lego Star Wars 3 the video game Dragon ball XENOVERSE3 Luigi mansion 5 and a Marvel vs capom new POKKEN Tournament2 new Harry Potter games remake for the Nintendo Nintendo switch Nintendo switch OLED and Nintendo switch 2 I hope we get is the return of online virtual console games services on the new Nintendo switch OLED Nintendo switch Nintendo super switch 2 and Nintendo super switch 2 pro with a theme shop Bluetooth Mii plaza Mii verse street pass and themes and folders and the online virtual console games services for Gameboy I want is Pokémon emerald Pokémon Leaf green Pokémon Fire Red Pokémon Ruby Pokémon Sapphire Pokémon gold Pokémon crystal Pokémon silver Pokémon red blue yellow and the Simpsons Mario fairly odd parents Ed Edd and Eddy jaw breakers kids next door operation soda Metroid 2 balloon kid Pokémon TCG Pokémon pinball and Kirby Dream land and Kirby Dream land 2 Super Mario world 2 6 golden coins the Simpsons Wario land Zelda links Awakening Tetris tiny toons adventures baba’s big break looney toons TAZ mania mega man duck tales for the game boy online for Nintendo switch n 2022 and I want for a new services to put on is original game boy GBA GBC and GameCube for the new switch virtual console games services and I hope the switch pro will cost like $400 or $450 for the Nintendo switch 2 and I hope the Nintendo company brings back the virtual console on the Nintendo switch and I also want the return of switch themes folders and the return of the virtual console games for the new Nintendo switch 2 n 2022 or n 2023 for return of the virtual console games and I hope the Nintendo switch will last around 15 years

  15. Fortnite and Apex Legends is def on my list of top free downloadable games from eshop and the switch

  16. The fact that Warframe was not on this list is absolutely disappointing

  17. The traffic on Wii U, 3DS and Switch eshop is causing Nintendo's servers to be sluggish so they are doing something about it so customers can have a better experience whilst playing online with the Switch and the 3DS HD which is likely to be released **/**/20**..
    3DS HD will be backwards compatible with DS, 3DS, New, 3DS and Switch cartridges and the device will be able to connect to Any TV without the need of wires and the device will be about 200/300 bucks

  18. Super bomberman online is a must play, even though its going away in December

  19. my Top 10 F2P games are as follows:
    1. Pokemon Cafe Remix- before Pokemon Puzzle League came to the N64 app this was the go to Puzzle game with Pokemon as its center point.
    2.Fortnite- it's a good battle royale game to quench the need for being the best gunslinger out of 100 players when playing solo
    3. Warface- perhaps a good FPS game if you're not in the mood to buy Turok, Doom or Duke Nukem
    4.Warframe- it's a MMORPG that centers on online Co-op as its main gimmick aside from space ninjas
    5. Tetris 99- it's battle royale style Tetris what more could you want
    6. DC Universe Online- the quintessential open world MMORPG for anyone who wishes they could be a hero or villain in the DC Universe
    7. Dauntless- an F2P Monster Hunter clone with its own unique story
    8. Arena of Valor- same as Smite but is unique in its own way
    9. Smite- a League of Legends clone that is unique by having myths and legends as the vast majority of the roster
    10. Paladins- a F2P Overwatch but with its own unique roster

    now those are my Top 10 F2P games that weren't mentioned in the video. but if you want F2P at a cost then replace the top three placements with the NES, SNES and N64 online apps since if you keep doing only a yearly payment to Nintendo then you've got free access to close to hundreds of games when all three library of games are combined.

  20. 5:08 Having the button prompt in the middle of the screen is annoying. Why would anyone think that's a good idea?

  21. I really like asphalt its look like
    Nfs+burnout you know right nfs and burnout are paid game

  22. Do you need an online Nintendo switch subscription to access the eshop and download free games?

    Also, if I pay online subscription, are all eshop games free?

  23. If some one can help me . I am looking for console that does not charge online gaming,i know ps charge,not sure for nintendo ,steam deck. And xbox

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