Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing) -

Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing)

Andy – The ESL Guy
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Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing)

A lot of teachers based in China have moved from the classroom to online teaching. I have created this video to try and make that transition as smooth as possible! Please let me know if you’re interested in any more videos like this.

These Online ESL English games also work well in the classroom so please feel free to use them how you want!

New zoom in Game Part 3!

Guess the sound game:

For great worksheets and ready-made PPT’S:

Zoom in Game videos:

Any requests for future ESL games to help get your students talking or any requests for classroom management techniques, please write in the comments below!


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Thanks for watching: Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing)


  1. Watching and teaching from Italy. Love your channel!

  2. Евгения Кондратенко says:

    Super helpful video👍 thanks a lot

  3. I have been using zoom, and I’ve been teaching to faceless ghosts(the teens)

  4. Thank you so much! I'm teaching first grade English and with this quarentine is a little difficult to get the attention of my students.

  5. Thank you!! I was sitting here trying to figure out how to engage some of my regular students today and we will be playing "What do I have?" Thank you SO MUCH!!

  6. Very good Andy.. from kuala lumpur.

  7. so lucky, in my country you can't even dream of getting married if you are an English teacher 😂

  8. I liked your Draw what I say ! , This would help me to teach Nouns

  9. Hi. I'm an English teacher from Iran. I have worked on games a lot but not all can be used on line. I am looking for a way how i can adapt the classroom games to online games. Some like Simon Says , or I can spy with my little eyes…… can be matched of course. Thanks anyway

  10. Fantastic! I love your video and your ideas are super useful. Thank you!

  11. Very good and informative content you have here, sir!

  12. Thanks, Andy, these are wonderful,fun ideas! I'm writing from Montreal, Canada 🙂

  13. South Korea (russian neighborhood) !! Thank you!!

  14. thanks for sharing! I will play What do I have? with my Ss. Greetings from Peru 🙂

  15. Hey Andy Really Fantastic Video I'm verry appreciate. Greeting Frm India🔥

  16. Hey,Andi.Can you recommend a game for GREETINGS material in online learning?

  17. thank you Mr. I teach English by using debate.

  18. OMG…jajaja….Its 7.30am and am sitting ready to start my class and while waiting for my student, i bumped into this vide….OMG….the cons of online teaching are sooooooo true I just sat and laughed

  19. This is sooo useful, thank you. Hilarious video as well 😂😂. I’ll try not to swear if I drop my eggs haha.

  20. Thank you for your tips! 🙂 Watching and teaching from Czech Republic

  21. They can't see you because you are looking at File Explorer mate.. you need to use a video conference app.

  22. Студия иностранных языков Lighthouse says:

    Hello! I am an English teacher from Russia.

  23. Te amo 😍, me das las mejores ideas para mi clase de Español 😘 gracias 🙏🏻

  24. OMG!!! Thank You so much!!! I loved The video!! And it was really helpful!

  25. Thanks! I will try the drawing and "What do I have?" games!

  26. Loved the ideas! But my 7-8 year old brazilian ESL students don't know English enough for me to have most of these activities 🙁

  27. Thanks for sharing your ideas! What do you use to create your presentations?

  28. I have been thinking of how to get my students engaged and relaxed before and after lessons until I landed on this. Wow! Thanks for the hilarious ideas and games.

  29. I didn't understand the zoom in game. Could you throw more lights on that or send a link of this game.

  30. OMG thank you so much, I've finally found a precious video

  31. Thanks,games are useful for my demo tomorrow morning.
    “What do I have” is the best,
    I think.

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