Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing) -

Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing)

Andy – The ESL Guy
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Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing)

A lot of teachers based in China have moved from the classroom to online teaching. I have created this video to try and make that transition as smooth as possible! Please let me know if you’re interested in any more videos like this.

These Online ESL English games also work well in the classroom so please feel free to use them how you want!

New zoom in Game Part 3!

Guess the sound game:

For great worksheets and ready-made PPT’S:

Zoom in Game videos:

Any requests for future ESL games to help get your students talking or any requests for classroom management techniques, please write in the comments below!


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Thanks for watching: Top 5 Games for Teaching English Online | Teach English Online with DingTalk (DingDing)


  1. Hi everyone! Please drop a message and let me know where you're watching from! 🔥💥🔥You can watch part 2 here : 🔥💥🔥 You can add my WeChat teacher's group – just search andynesbit and I'll invite you in 😀

  2. Nice work. I’ve not yet done online teaching, but most of these work in live classes as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Andy. This is something productive and useful, cheers mate👏👏

  4. Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing Andy 😊

  5. Hope your 'annoying' workmates aren't watching 😀😜…Also was waiting on the wee man saying black pudding, tattie scone haha

    Good games.

  6. Love it! These are great for keeping the kids active, engaged, and learning. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. 'Find something' is a good game – and I've also played something like this combined with Kim's Game. Six students find something of the particular colour or whatever, and then you put them in a breakout room (if you're using Zoom) to see how many of the things they saw they can remember.

  8. great video! Helpful for my last minute meeting with teachers on what the plan is for our classes. haha

  9. hey, I really liked your video..energetic and informative – just the way I like an info video to be…must admit that I watched your vid on x1.5 speed…so that obviously probably played a role too (however when a vid is watchable on higher speeds that generally is a compliment to your pronounciation and presenting skills)

  10. It helped me a lot ! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  11. haha exactly what i do when i use dingtalk. its kinda hard tho trying to keep kindergartners engaged for an hour onliine

  12. thanks for the help sire. very helpful in the season of teaching from home

  13. Hey Andy! just want you to know that since the covid I'm struggling with lesson planning, this is very helpful for a warmer and you're very funny! keep up the good work!

  14. Teachers and parents might be interested in this discussion as I think this will be a problem everywhere. Primary schools, Cambridge testing, Summer camps and TEFL training courses. What do they all have in common? PLUS the BIG BIG problem with schools opening!

  15. Thank you so much! I am going to start teaching kids online and these are great tips!

  16. damn man? i have the same furniture set table and chairs. table is heavy as hell

  17. It's a really fun game. Can you tell me more online game sir

  18. Taking a TESOL course with ASU and your “find the item” game helped me with listing an activity! Thank you 😄

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