Top 5 Party Board Games you can play with friends online for free -

Top 5 Party Board Games you can play with friends online for free

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There are so many great board games you can play online with friends for free, but I don’t feel like many people know about these resources. I very consistently hear the complaint that people miss playing board games with friends. And while getting together is half the experience, playing online can help in times of social distancing, and when you and your friends live far apart.

Below are the links to the games:

Codenames –
Spyfall –
Secret Hitler –
Liar’s Dice – Sutri.Fun
Just One –

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  2. Do you need more than 2 players to play Spyfall?

  3. Surprised that Town of Salem is not in this video. It's so great.

  4. Is anyone else blocked from playing secret hitler? Just the German?

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