TOP Free To Play FPS Games 2021 | The BEST Free FPS Games -

TOP Free To Play FPS Games 2021 | The BEST Free FPS Games

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TOP Free to Play FPS Games of 2021, these are the best free fps games that you can play right now. We’ll look at the best free first person shooter games that you can download for free. What are your favorite f2p fps games? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching!
00:00 Intro
00:13 Apex Legends
01:03 Call of Duty Warzone
02:10 Valorant
03:05 Diabotical
03:57 Quake Champions
04:29 Planetside 2
05:30 Counterstrike Global Offensive
06:29 Destiny 2 New Light
07:40 Honorable Mentions
08:00 Conclusion

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  1. Overwatch should be on there it’s a free to play fps game, you can choose of 3 different types of players tank, damage and support

  2. none of them work for me they all say my account isnt aloud to be created :/

  3. these are all kid's games compared to Project Reality

  4. dude you shoudve added fortnitre

  5. i cudent find eney game called call of duty warzon

  6. The apex legend is so very laggy to my phone what I can do about it

  7. The only thing that i don't like is you don't say if it is on pc or Nintendo or ps4 or xbox1 l3 nooo 😭😭👹👊🏿👊🏿💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  8. Dude, my valorant always stucks in update at 0.1kp/s. I can't update it can you help me out?

  9. I wish i was good at fps games. I'm absolutely terrible. They look so good. If anyone has a tip or 2 it would be greatly appreciated

  10. The only downside to war zone is it’s like 128GB and the pc I want only has like 64 g idk

  11. I like warface but it's pay to win, but ez to earn stuff and there's free packs on Xbox, and cool gun customization overall 6 or 7/10

  12. ɪᴢᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ɴᴇᴍᴇꜱɪꜱ says:

    you forgot combat arms

  13. I'm actually shocked were u added destiny 2 you didn't add its largest competitor Warframe.

  14. Ill get a new gaming laptop this week i am looking for free to play fps games i already play valorant and ironsight in my old laptio but i exited to play apex legends and warzone any other suggestions

  15. Warzone is awful, more hackers than horror movie

  16. My man really said how "Innovative" Cod is with the Gulag, now I'm not hating, the Gulag is a very neat way of getting back into a battle Royal, but people for some reason never recognize that Apex is the reason why All these battle royals implemented a respawn & revive mechanic, because Apex did, and that fact that most AAA title have copied Apex communication pings mechanic, it baffles me that people give the credit to other games 😂, the innovation from these Fps's all have been copied and pasted to their own games from Respawns Idea's in apex.

  17. They kinda ruined warzone for me atleast when they switched to caldera. I just hate that map and all the guns

  18. Being a laptop gamer i cant get most of these games

  19. Make a video about low-end games please

  20. Warzone is the best, just that at first time playing it is so difficult to kill the opponents which require more skills n training😄 i deleted it last year but this year i went back and become patient with the loosing steak but now am good at it, my advice for those whose straggling with Warzone game is that always manage the gun 🔫 recoil which decrease the gun from hip fire and make it accurate 🤞 then after you'll love it, final thing is: always pick vanguard guns😊

  21. There's a First Person Shooter PC game that i'm searching for i'm confusing it with the game titled F.E.A.R, your character makes his way out of a dark building into the street, there's cars and a few human dead soldiers who just stand there, you then enter the building (maybe its a church?) After opening the door a dude talks to you surrounded with soldiers, you thereafter kill all the enemies who shoot at you. Afterwards you fall through the floor to go to the next area. It's definitely a horror fps video game but i forgot the title of the game what's it called?

  22. pls make at list one video about dirty bomb. I realy love the game but it needs support and players so much. thanks in advance!


  24. I can get warzone because it says "sorry unavalible at this time." help?

  25. I'm a nine year old that hates fortnight all my friends love fortnight except my best friend

  26. I know alot about real war I know glock and mp30 and mp40 I know world war one world war two and the cold war

  27. Valorant doesn't even work for me lol. I wanted to give it a try for the first time and all I managed to do was spend an entire day trying to fix the problem of the game not launching. No matter whatever I tried, it never worked. Even advice from their support themselves. So I'm just gonna have to give Valorant a pass.

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