Top Speed 3D Highlights & Walkthrough - Free online game -

Top Speed 3D Highlights & Walkthrough – Free online game

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Top Speed 3 is a beautiful car racing game that combines race driving together with elements of exploration. You can choose from a range of different sports cars and vehicles including a Hummer with a machine gun! There are literally no limits to your driving – no petrol, no traffic lights, no pedestrians – you can simply drive to your hearts content and see where the road takes you.

This driving game has three fantastic 3D cities to choose from – the playability is great. You can get up to some amazing top speeds and try your hand at drifting on the many corners and highways. Aside from the cityscape there is also a range of off-road areas where you can try out your stunt driving.

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  1. Me and my friends glitched under the map and figured out how to fly💀

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