Top Ten Free Online Horror Games -

Top Ten Free Online Horror Games

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Thanks so much for watching friends! Hope the list isn’t 2spook!

List of games below!

Path of Exile:
Alien Swarm:
No More Room In Hell:
Dead Frontier:
Codename Cure:
Cry of Fear:


  1. this man just said a "zombie ablockalypse" ….o.0

  2. I saw fortnite and proceeded to tie a noose

  3. Fortnite isnt a horror game it is a battle royale and a zombie shooter

  4. Okay… first of all, path of exile just has a dark atmosphere but its not a horror game at all. Second, unturned is debateable but in my eyes its just a post apocalyptic survival game and not horror. Lastly… fortnite….thats all i can say….

  5. Fortnite is about as horror as sonic

  6. none of these are scary the only horror game is cry of fear

  7. Fortnite save the world is not free u have to buy it

  8. For real though we need a new Siren/Forbidden Siren game though. Siren blood curse was damn near perfect (besides the fact that I eventually just fought the shibito on my platinum playthroughs) and I want MOAR!
    Edit: Did you put the fortnite "campaign" on this list? Seriously?!

  9. This guy thinks Fortnite is horror ofc his channel logo with pink hair another shity list with shity games waste of time 🙂

  10. Fortnite is a horror game! because it infected the majority of children into playing it

  11. Horror games like( #13 Friday) and (Granny)…not like this :l

  12. what is this list? Unturned? Path of exile? FORTNITE??? is this horror games for toddlers?

  13. If you have fortnite in your top 10 your not a gamer

  14. More than half of the games you mention aren't horror games,But Fortcrap is terrifyingly bad.

  15. People will say "FoRtNitE is not horror game LoL" bruh never played the co-op version of fortnite?

  16. I thought I read free but looks like i was blind disliked

  17. im telling my mommy yous sadi potty word unsub

  18. oooh i get it

    wait fortnite save the world is not free

  19. UNTURNED ??? wtf you have to be like 5 years old to get scared of it LOL

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