Top Ten Most Popular Free Online Games on Steam 2016 -

Top Ten Most Popular Free Online Games on Steam 2016

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A casual video with my thoughts on the most popular free online games on Steam.


  1. it's better if Xbox PS4 and pc play like this just downloaded or register no CD anymore lol

  2. warframe used to be a level based, they move from planet to planet each planet have like 8 or so, now its just a game that we can pick what mission we want. back then its just go here shoot them and get out, thats all now its kinda confusing since im used to the last version of it

  3. i have a problem with warframe the driver for video stops and the game gets black 🙁
    anybody ideas?

  4. Heroes and Generals or Red Orchestra/ Rising Storm ?

  5. after watching this I downloaded warframe and the game seems amazing!

  6. Thx god that enable Subtitels 😀 you are talking very fast

  7. thx :* I love all +1 subscribe 😉 +1 like

  8. Hi .. Your review is good! and I recently started playing Dirty Bomb! Going crazy! On the other hand im from india and suffering from PING. Even with asian servers its high! I've a very good connection. ANyways I wanted to ask you came across any game which works for guys like me? with more servers around the world(india). IF you give some inputs it'd be much of a help… Thank you in advance friend!

  9. you lied on unturned the guy is not 16 he is like almost 40 he's name is nelson sexton

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