Top Ten Online Games for Kids and Adults -

Top Ten Online Games for Kids and Adults

Skylent Games
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Thanks for watching! Hope you and your little ones have a ton of fun!

1. Minecraft – Crafting/Creative
2. Don’t Starve Together – Survival
3. Heroes of the Storm – MOBA
4. DC Universe Online – MMO
5. Rocket League – Sport
6. Brawlhalla – Fighting
7. Robocraft – Vehicle Combat
8. Block N Load – Shooter
9. Ibb and Obb – Co-op Platformer
10. Dungeon Defenders 2 -Tower Defense


  1. I may be a year late but skylent thank you for being a kid friendly YouTuber

  2. Great video man. Always hard finding good games to play with my 8 yrs old. (Minecraft and Terroria is always fun)

  3. My favorite games:
    Beat Saber Vr
    Realm Royale
    DreadBorne Drifters
    But if u want to do Youri avater are the most things for robux

  4. Mobile legends is for 7 years old only IM 9 YEARS OLD SO I CAN PLAY IT

  5. My 3 year old boy gets distracted so easily, I tried this app called Meemu with my Eric ,

    now he keeps playing it without getting bored, he learned so many things and also its fun for him.

  6. My daughter athena really likes games. Me too as a father is a gamer, hope she get this from me. This is nice a nice video. Ill ask her what game she would like, bet its minecraft cause she played it already😄

  7. Brawlhalla on pc is amazingg tyty
    You can get on steam for free so go use steam if you don't already
    I recommend it lol

  8. My siblings love playing Especially the love creating own memory games with the pictures of their beloved characters. What about other games? They don't like fighting, racing games. They usually play something for cognitive development ))

  9. Nintendo – Mario Kart 8 and minecraft is what i recommend for kids and parents

    P.S Please Subscribe to my channel

  10. Do you play fortnite? (Because fornite creator (epic games) created rocket league

  11. Omg dude thanks so much my little brother is getting so bored right now and I was asked to find some cool games for him once I saw this video I was so relieved

  12. I played dungeon defenders 1 on the PS3 lop

  13. I can't see don't starve together being fun. My older friends and I have trouble staying alive through winter. I have no idea how a young kid would fair any better.

  14. The song sounds like pocket ants theme – _-


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