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Unlock any in-game content for FREE… any game on STEAM/EPIC GAMES

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This is a legit way to unlock DLCs for any games you want in 2023. I found this software not long ago and have been using it for 6 or 7 months without issues. Playing multiplayer is also not an issue with this method, and you can enjoy games with your friends while having everything unlocked, even some developer or exclusive items!

No, this can’t get you banned. It’s not doing anything except just telling the game that you have the DLCs.

** Keep in note that for some games you must have the actual DLC game files! **
For example, in Dying Light there is a DLC named ‘Hellraid’, and I need to have the DW_DLC49 folder inside of the game’s directory in order for it to be unlocked. This happens because this unlocker doesn’t download anything, just tricks your game into thinking you bought the content.

** If anyone worries about if it’s a virus or not **
The code is available to view on Github. You can even compile it yourself and see that there’s nothing going on there.
Anti-viruses just tend to give out false-detections sometimes, for example when the program uses some popular/public part of code which was used in some ghetto virus many years ago.

“Yes, all of Koaloader’s DLLs will be flagged as trojans, as is the very nature of Koaloader. Of course it’s a false positive, but if you don’t trust it then by all means feel free to test the MD5s and such to make sure they’re the real Koaloader here, and/or even go as far as to build Koaloader and/or this program yourself lol.”

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  1. For those who are asking "Can I get banned on steam?"… etc.Steam has community/trade bans only, while epic and ubisoft don't even have anything like that.You should be fine with 90% of the games, they won't ban you for such a thing. Maybe only give you a warning that you have modified files or Etc. For example, in payday 2 they just give you a tag for illegaly unlocking the DLC's.I use this unlocker for many many games and I'm absolutely fine.UPD: don't try to use it in some new AAA titles like COD

  2. And why do I write that there are viruses there?

  3. Does this work for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? And,if it does, will i get banned from the game/Steam?

  4. When I try to install it, my antivirus program shuts it down because of this virus, Win32:CrypterX-gen [Trj]. Has anyone else encountered this and knows if it's a real virus, Win32:CrypterX-gen [Trj]?

  5. My windows defender says that it has a virus. Don't know if I should use it or not.

  6. There is a problem, when I install the DLCs and try to launch the games, Windows Defender tells me that the DLCs or modifications are trojans =(

  7. how can i take Cyberpunk Phantom liberty that way ?

  8. Does unfortunately not work for Anno 1800… me be missing something tho. Could it be Ubisoft?

  9. so I tried it on black ops2 zombies and it doesnt work I tried with koloader and nothing the game jus wont launch if someone knows whats wrong pls answer me

  10. Unfortunately it doesnt work for Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II and Crusader Kings III. Don't waste your time guys.

  11. Does it work for ea cuz they sims packs be high as hell

  12. Straightforward to the point, simple and true. Thank you man. I tried it on anno 1800 and it was so easy and fast. Appreciated

  13. this works with mortal kombat 11 can i get the charcteres or i get ban can one answer me

  14. Hi, i know it is a stupid question. But tbis work with Battlefield 4 dlc? Because he has EA Online

  15. It doesnt work for me, It says It cannot access the Launcher folder

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