Websites to Cure Your Boredom from TikTok -

Websites to Cure Your Boredom from TikTok

Matty McTech
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Matty McTech here back with more ways to cure your boredom. Here are parts 16-30 from my TikTok Series where I show fun and entertaining websites that you need to know!

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Earth in The Future
0:45 Fun Trivia
1:07 Transform your Doodles
1:24 Celebrity Text to Voice
1:44 Find UFO Sightings
1:59 The Office Stare
2:15 Google Feud
2:34 Play Minecraft in Browser
2:51 Play Retro Video Games
3:09 Website when you are Bored
3:27 Explore Video Game Maps
3:48 Spend Elon Musks Money
4:10 Find Movie Clips with Quotes
4:27 New Windows OS
4:46 Build Legos in Browser
5:06 Outro


  1. The way he said Airac Cartman got me 😂😂😂😂

  2. Hi guys you will see this will be the top comment and pinned by the creator for no reason

  3. thank you for this websites my kids love them ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. you are sick bro i found so many websites I can use at school

  5. BTW the cat one where its like "we know where you live if you pick cats" um it does know where you live… it guessed my country, state, and town correctly

  6. Nice but if i don't know any of these link than sorry i have to call you a clickbaiter. I would like to know evey of them

  7. bro the one about future earth had a part about future s.x toys

  8. Wait, in the future, were gonna have that, OH HECK NAH

  9. i literally spent all of elons fortune so he only had 153 USD left

  10. I really liked the website where u spend elons money, when I was done buying, it said I only spent 15.869 percent of his money and it was 45 bill, like how much money does he have and howw

  11. no one is talking about "how to tell my parents im adopted"

  12. am i the only one that saw how 2 break someone out of jail

  13. in "Spend Elon Musk's Fortune"Ii made him go broke he has $150 now

  14. emuos was a site i l ost and thanks to u i found it again

  15. brooo no one noticed that he searched 'how to tell parents im adopted" 😭😭

  16. how come none of the sites are either free or working? im still very bored

  17. Those UFOs are fake holograms they use project bluebeam. This will likely usher in the one world government

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