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What is the 1st FREE MYSTERY GAME from EPIC 2022?

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Free Epic Mystery games are here again, complete with clues! Here’s the clue for the first free game, which will release on December 15th! What game do you think it is referring to? In the video we discuss the best guesses from our viewers!

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  1. Torchlight 3 has the same color scheme but there isn't a balloon, it is however not like the other two titles on Epic. Not personally in the mood for the game, but it is a gearbox title and they've been quite present on the store.

  2. no one guessed shenmue 1&2 have this same colour scheme

  3. 4chan will have a leaked articles
    just like last year
    and i dont think its balloon look like a bomb

  4. I think they should make Sleeping Dogs or Batman Arkham Knight as free games

  5. I wonder if it might be Rider's Republic. Colors fit and you're looking for balloons as a collectible. Now, the balloons aren't shaped that way. However, I'm thinking Epic'll want a bigger title to lead out to bring people to the site for the promo/sale.

  6. Do you think they will distribute the game Dying light?

  7. Thats definitely baloon td 6 it was orange and blue with bloon on its font

  8. Are there any coupons on epic games on this event

  9. i thinks it is the medium(a horror game) color scheme orange and blue matches well and it is horror game why not there is a ballon in game

  10. bloons got most matched sadly if it not just cause 3

  11. Funny how it is an epic mystery game and you watch games on steam 😀 it is obvious its something from the epic store,so Bloons TD6 it is.

  12. Would love to see God Of War as a mystery game! Snowy atmosphere and God Of War Ragnarok came out recently, so it'd make sense for them to push God Of War 2018 for players to consider buying the new one! Although, Ragnarok came out only on PS4 / PS5 so not too sure

  13. ALTF4 save balloon. The colors do not match but it would be nice.

  14. Because of Epic Games shows up. I never play games on Steam undoubtedly. I think u guys have the same thinking. SO EPIC!

  15. The Gamesa cookies caught me off guard 😂

    PD. In Mexico, we pronounced it as Gah-meh-sah

  16. Glam Rock freddy has the same colour

  17. You see a lot of balloons at the very beginning of Fallout 76.

  18. My guess is Disco Elysium,it's old enough and the colors fit. I don't know if there are balloons in the game though.

  19. I think it might be heavy rain. You follow the balloon to find Jason in the mall.

  20. I hope we can get state of decay 2 🙂 sure not in this maybe in the next 14 games

  21. Bloons didn't start as a Mobile game.
    It started as a Flash game on sites such as Kongregate, Newgrounds and Armor Games.
    IIRC the first 4 were in this format, before Bloons 5 and 6 went Mobile / PC platform

  22. AYYO
    LOVE Y'ALL ❤

  23. Man I love this time of the year. For the last two years I've been watching you and always look forward to predicting end of the year games with you guys haha

  24. I think its: SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE, based on the colors, I wish it is 😉

  25. Guys its LITTLE BIG PLANET 3. I hope 🙂

  26. The reminds me of nintendo bomberman game

  27. please not just cause 3 already got that on steam with stem key i bought for $4

  28. ok bhai humko gamepass dila do !!!!!!!jumanjii

  29. who the hell shows Steam games as a guess for Epic Games ones ??? do you think we're dumb?

  30. i feel like it could be balloons TD games, because there is obviously a balloon but also a shuriken.

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