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Which SNES Nintendo Switch Online Games are worth playing?

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Nintendo finally added Super Nintendo games to Nintendo Switch Online. After playing all 20 games, I’m her to tell you which ones are worth your time.

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  1. Is there any plans to add any other the Battle field games metal of Honer.

  2. A link to the past is pretty much one of the top five on SNES.

  3. Thanks to the internet my super nintendo mini has all those games and Nina Turtles in Time all plus another 15 games, before nintendo removed those Roms.

  4. Don’t let the graphics turn you off of pilot wings. It might be frustrating at first, but once you get the controls down, it’s hella challenging and fun to play through, to unlock all the different flight types, including the combat heli.

    Was one of my favorite snes games back in the day.

  5. Please put Pitfall mayan adventure on it ……a lil bummed it wasnt on there.

  6. Hey I grew up playing Pilotwings on SNES. It was iconic.

  7. Super Mario World is the best 2D Mario game. Nothing will ever beat it

  8. And our sponsor RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.
    a message from the fbi, you have been possessed, you must have an ok sponsor to survive

  9. "Super Mario World has aged amazingly. Mario Kart looks like fucking ASS"

  10. Ahhhh star fox hurts my eyes

  11. 1 year has passed and I'm now addicted smash tennis

  12. FZero's music is worth mentioning. It is brilliant. Nothing compares

  13. Super Mario 2 Yoshi's Island is the best SNES game ever made. Its exactly what we needed.

  14. Super mario all stars is on their so I'm playing the super nintendo port of mario 3 lol

  15. Am I the only one who came here while playing super Mario world and wanted to find something else ?

  16. If im Nintendo, id be putting the expensive hard to find games that everyone wants on the service. Really shit on the used market.

  17. My friend told me that the games you get on switch online are only demos is this correct

  18. Super Nintendo games i could've picked for the switch:
    Mario rpg
    Jurassic park
    Jurassic park ll
    Final fantasy lV-Vl
    Final fantasy mystic quest
    Super star wars 1-3
    Wwf arcade games
    Wwf raw
    Goof troop
    Mega man x2 and x3
    Earthworm jim
    Mortal kombat
    Zombies ate my neighbors
    marvel infinity gem

  19. If they release chrono trigger and earthbound at some point I am definitely gonna replay them

  20. I have friends but they all refuse to play nintendo they all want to play xbox/pc/ps4. I think I am the only one who prefers the nintendo.

  21. Wulff: Breath of Fire is a turn-based rpg, this is not my type of game.


  22. wtf edf was never a fps lmao i guess if youre using a sniper scope but who tf does that? lol

  23. 2021 and we are still missing Earthbound and Super Mario RPG

  24. bob: welcome to raid shadow lege-
    me: oh no u dont

  25. Bob: Raid : Shadow Legends
    Me: Oh no not him too

  26. Super Mario World has stood the test of time. Legendary

  27. If you have the snes classic mini you ALL the good games +

  28. Dood! Looking back at how crazy this was is so cool since we now got oot,banjo kazooie,majoras mask,mario 64 and many more on the switch!!!

  29. waiting for mother earthbound and mortal kombat, still waiting


  31. i played new super mario bros on wii 2 growing up and it was the best game i played with my sibs
    when i play other mario games i dont enjoy as much

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