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Will Switch Free To Play Games Require You To Pay For Online?

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Nintendo’s paid online services are launching next month and people have been wondering if free to play games like Fortnite and Paladins will require payment in order to play them. An interesting thread came up on Resetera which might give us some hope. Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

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  1. Heres a fun fact: Tetris 99 being free is useless since you have to pay-to-play with CPU's and online needs Nintendo online.

  2. It is not just free to play games

    The switch puyo puyo franchise(puyo puyo Tetris and puyo puyo champions) don’t have fine print and they are 29:99 and 9:99 respectively

    Like so others can see

  3. Can someone sum it up. Do you need Nintendo online for fortnite or not.

  4. I think that if you need to pay for games that you already payed for witch I think is really stupid

  5. I just got my switch lite thank god for my parents and i needed to know

  6. I don't understand this, you pay for services on Xbox and PS4 cause they give you party chat services but on switch you don't pay for much more

  7. Does nintendo switch need to pay to play online like fortnite?

  8. Are you can play fortnite without online membership

  9. Yes i know this is super late, but if you have to pay a fee to play online on a free to play game it defeats the purpose of the term free to play (sorry of my english is bad)

  10. There are some kids who get the switch just to play Fortnite

  11. Who else is searching for dose ninjala (new game in may 27) need membership and found this

  12. Most ppl only buy this subscription bc of the cloud saves and NES games nothing else. They should separate those two. If they want to pay for the online service, make a subscription that makes you access the online services only, no NES games, no mobile, etc. Just online, and that should be cheaper, from the original $20 a year, it should be atleast $5 a year just for the online servers. This might sound silly, but this is what i thought about it. I personally don't like the classic bc i grew up playing them and its kinda meh for me now

  13. I would lovee if nintendo swich n lite follow mobile game..version..you only use wifi when update game or useing online game.why should played all nintendo switch online.?I dont agree about that..I already spent my money to buy this game not digital.

  14. Why do we need to pay in order to play Nintendo games online though

  15. I thought u needed switch online for fortnite thx

  16. tbis console is just ripping kids off all there parents money

  17. Free online gameplay will launch in ‘2018’
    Me in 2020: the frick

  18. I don’t even have a switch… why am I watching this

  19. Y the hell does every console u need to pay to play online games it’s so annoying


  21. buying most expensive multiplayer game

    Nintendo switch online: I'll take your entire stock!

  22. I think ps3 was the only system that didn't require you to pay for online

  23. THANK YOU I’m seeing to invest into a switch and doing research

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